Can This Network Be Saved? BizNicheMedia


I am very bullish on internet media networks. I get really excited when I come across a network that is on the brink of making someone a lot of money.

I got that feeling recently when cruising biznichemedia. You could almost feel the cash in their voices as they described their mission:

The mission of BizNicheMedia is to earn high profits by producing and marketing quality niche content on the World Wide Web. We pledge to pay our employees and contractors a competitive local wage and treat them with respect.

So, incase you still don’t get it, here is their plan. They find a bunch of boring keywords which people pay google a lot to advertise. They then build a blog around it (the blog writing is outsourced to foriegners to save money). Can’t fail, right? Wrong.

Here’s how they are screwing up and how they can fix it quickly:

1. Use Google Effectively

Since we know what their strategy is let’s examine it a little more. First we need to find a high paying keyword. I like Nana because her lists are always up to date. (You can subscribe to her free list of high paying keywords here. )

O.K., in her latest list she has

masters degree education online

paying an average of 31.64 per click. Wow!

Now if you go to google and look at the list of actual advertisers you will see that there are literally 130 of them. Now a lot of them are affiliates, but who cares. They are willing to pay to advertise.

Now how hard do you think it would be to convince one of those advertisers to pay you say…$30.00 to put an ad on your blog for a week? You don’t guarantee any click throughs but you do have a site where people go to find out information about getting a masters degree online. It helps with their branding ,etc. Now what you give them for this $30 dollars is up to you. Maybe you put their ad in the actual posts or something.

So you are only able to convince one person to advertise per week. Guess what, you are probably still making more than you did with google. And if you are smart you can still keep the google ads on your site. Now multiply that $30 dollars by 4. That’s $120.00 per month. Now multiply that by the 31 blogs they have. That’s $3700+ per month. Just with 1 cheap advertiser per site. And doesn’t count the google income. That’s much more than they are making now and all it will cost is a few emails and maybe a phone call or 2.

But they still need help…let’s continue.

2.Compelling Content

Let’s be real. The posts are boring with a capital B. If some form of personality is not added to ALL 31 sites immediately this network will be swimming with the fishes.

If you are in a boring industry like, say, Material Handling, why in gods name would you visit a site which was just as boring? How about adding some pictures. How about just once a frigging week calling one company in the industry and asking someone there in charge what they feel is the most important thing going on in the industry? Make sure you spell their name right and all of a sudden you have people looking at the blog. Tell them to email you a picture and suddenly you are making them stars. And they will tell there boring industry friends “did you see my picture on the Material Handling Blog?” And suddenly the boring Material Handing industry has a place to hang out and give opinons. And now you can ask for advertising and…you get the idea.

I actually made a list of 15 things that can be done to improve the profitability and visibility of the bizniche sites. But I think that’s enough to chew on for now. Hopefully they will follow my advice and save themselves the embarressment of being another dead network.

And stop laughing. I’ll be talking about your network next.

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8 Comments on “Can This Network Be Saved? BizNicheMedia”

  1. Andy Hagans Says:

    I found your suggestions to be intriguing.

    My main problem with #1 is the effort / overhead it would take to get people to advertise directly. One thing you have to understand is that we are lazy bastards. The great thing about Adsense is you slap it on and (once optimized) forget about it.

    #2 is in regards to content quality and how ‘interesting’ it is, and you hit the nail on the head. This issue is #1 on our radar. It comes down to the issue of outsourcing the writing and paying on a per post basis; we can solve problems like poor grammer and spelling, but it is much harder to ‘train’ writers to make content ‘engaging’. This is something we are going to struggle with a lot in the next six months I think (especially Rich).

    Thanks for taking the time to even write about us though. I think we may win a prize for being the most BORING of all blog networks. Oh well. Boring pays the bills…

  2. Andy Hagans Says:

    “Hopefully they will follow my advice and save themselves the embarressment of being another dead network.”

    p.s., great comment bait, that.

    although if you read our company blog’s last post, you would see that we are truly not sweating anything 🙂

  3. chartreuse Says:

    Oh, that’s just my ego talking. Ignore it. And Good Luck!

  4. $30 per click? wow. that link to highest paying keywords is dead. are there any other lists?

  5. chartreuse Says:


    Username: bigmoney
    Password: chaching

    The smart Ms.Nana Gilbert-Baffoe said it was o.k. to pass the info along. If you need to contact her her email is

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  7. […] A bigger problem is that with so many sites dealing with advertising must be a major problem. They have (the dreaded) adsense ads but their is so much more money to be made if they get rid of those ads. They need to read this. […]

  8. […] I said that the network was dumb, stupid and a waste of time. And that they would be another dead blog network. […]

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