Why Don’t You Know This Girl?

So check out this site.

I know, it’s a mess.

It’s being run by a 23yo Black Law School student in New Orleans.

She gets 20,000+ visits a day.

That’s more than some of Gawker Media’s properties.

Movie media agents are contacting her to promote their movies.

No one has contacted her about joining a blog network.

She could be the freaking flagship of a blog media network but most of the 2nd generation of blog network leaders couldn’t find the public if they were standing in a crowd.

Who’s trying to reach her audience? Um, everybody. Just pick up a Vibe magazine.

Technorati gives her 136 links. Google: 1,560

And she’s giving away the store for free. She’s happy with the few bucks a month she’s making with blog-ads. She does not realize she is sitting on a goldmine.

A smart blog network owner would swoop in and get a piece of what she could generate a month.

I have no idea what she looks like but she has STAR written all over her. And that means profits.

Imagine if one of your sites got her traffic. And had movie execs begging you to promote their wares.

Nah. Nevermind. Just stick to networks about blogging…


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2 Comments on “Why Don’t You Know This Girl?”

  1. Rob Sanheim Says:

    This is a demographic with some very serious growth potential over the next couple of years. But where do you see proof of 20,000 visits?

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