Where Are The Posts?


I’ve had a very busy day which means I have to pull a Cowboy and say I’m sorry. I’ll get to what I had planned for today, tomorrow (hopefully) or at least by Friday.

A programming tease: I will be reviewing the Spoke Media network for my Can This Network Be Saved feature. One of the writers has already called me an asshole because of a comment I made on the site. So it should be interesting.

I spent most of my day though discussing with someone the idea of a new type of ad network. Not based on pay per click or page views. An advertising network based on something else. I’ll blog about it, later.

Plus I learned about another Blog Network to launch. The press release will hit tommorow but I got some inside info. Click here to view the parent company blog. It’s mission statement you can find here. I’m, of course, wishing them the best.

I’m also wish you the best. Even CJ.

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One Comment on “Where Are The Posts?”

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