Bringing Your ‘A’ Game


Here’s an open secret: Everyone lives in New York City.

Jackson, Mississippi is just as important as Los Angeles.

The real Army of One is not the US military but the dude on the internet who just went to your website thought it sucked and has just mentioned it to everyone on his AOL Buddylist.

You better bring your A-Game.


Used to be insiders knew if there was no review in the paper on opening day, a film sucked.  And the movie studios didn’t care, because the teeming masses don’t read the paper!

But every member of the teeming masses now has a cell phone.  Movie grosses go down from Friday to Saturday if a movie is bullshit.  With cells, SideKicks, e-mail, blogs…  The media world is no longer an insider’s paradise, everybody’s an insider.

Hype is dead.

People can’t be fooled by obsessive advertisments telling them that what you got is what they need.

The real media spits the truth everytime.

So what does this mean for all of you creating blog networks?

It means that you who are building sites only for revenue will probably be going down in flames.

The people know what you are trying to do.

Assuming the person coming to your website is an idiot only makes you look like one.

Give people something. Something great.

Stop being fucking pedestrian and make sure that when that dude visits your site he will want to come back.

He’ll bookmark it.

Tag it with

Go to Tagworld and tell his friends.

Then he’ll download the free wallpaper you provide for his desktop and his cellphone and his t-shirt, so he can tag himself. 

He is part of your tribe. And he’ll spread the gospel of your white plastic chair site everywhere he goes.

 got it?


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5 Comments on “Bringing Your ‘A’ Game”

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