If you’ve been with me from the beginning you know that this site is an experiment. I include beta in the title because I want to test some ideas and see how they work.

This is not really a blog network news site (there are others who are much more passionate about that stuff than I.). This is more of an idea site. A place where smart leaders of this new industry go to jumpstart their thinking.

I try to look at the whole board not just the current moves. I have an ultimate goal where I want this to blog to go and in week one it has gone much better than I expected.

Thank you for participating and I hope you continue.

There are a lot of things wrong with this site right now and they are all my fault. My spelling is atrocious. I need to take the time to stop being “fucking pedestrian” and spellcheck.

There are some other things, too and feel free to continue emailing them to me. I have very thick skin and I assume it’s not personal. (And if it is I’ve been called worse by smarter people.)

I have some stories I want to get to today so I gotta get back to work.

Hope your day is delicious.



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