The truth about ideas


A lot of noise is being made about AmBlogger stealing the design of ProBlogger.

“Good artists copy, great artists steal.” – Picasso

I saw that line on the Subnixus site a few minutes ago and believe it or not, I was thinking of the same line.

I also found out at this site that Subnixus had called some niche sites infomercials. I did the same thing even though I didn’t know he had said it. Does that make me a thief?


In the music business we dealt with theft a lot.



I came to the conclusion, like a lot of other people, That it could not be stopped. And if you are worried too much about people stealing your ideas they probably are not that good.

Here’s a secret. Ideas are shit.

The important thing is execution.

How many people had the idea of a search engine? But there is only one Google. And I would argue that their success has very little to do with the way their search engine works.

That’s why you should give out ideas and advice freely. Because most of people will not follow what you say or they will fuck it up some kind of way. That is life.

In the music business all you have to change is a note to avoid being sued. amBlogger actually changed quite a few things.

Now what if, like the situation with me and Subnixus, the AmBlogger kid came up with the design himself? (There are only so many designs and thoughts, etc.) And what if it was a site about Flowers instead of blogging? Would the kid still be a douche?

I don’t have any answers but I thought I’ld ask the questions.


And as for me and subnixus…great minds think alike.

 (hmmm, that ‘great minds’ thing is a good line. I wonder if anyone else thought of it?)

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3 Comments on “The truth about ideas”

  1. Andy Merrett Says:

    Yeah, I think someone else said it – but like “tivzg nrmwh gsrmp zorpv”

    OK that’s not as funny as a hexadecimal colour reversal, but hey. I still say that made my Monday morning (sad that I am) despite all the crap it’s kicked off.

  2. Vince Chan Says:

    Thanks for the kind publicity, Chatreuse. I enjoyed your point about ideas and execution. Truthfully, it would not be hard for me to get the ProBlogger design by trial and error. As long as I have a visual of the site, any competent coder would eventually reverse engineer the design.

    The execution could have gone this way and I would have to wonder what would the others feel about it.

  3. chartreuse Says:

    What you should have done was given him some type of credit. But hey, good luck in your future endevours.

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