chartreuse gets ads


In the next few days you will start seeing advertisments on this site.

Not any adsense/blogads/banana-ads whatever. 

Here’s the deal.

Over the weekend I sent out 10 emails to companies I thought could benefit telling their story to this audience.

3 answered me back.

One said I didn’t have enough traffic.

One is considering it.

And one has signed on.

The ads they signed up for are what I call “product placement” ads.

I agreed that their product, along with a link to a page on their site, would be mentioned on at least one post a day for a week.

Now if I do this right the ads will come across as natural. If I do this wrong it could come out like that Josie and the Pussycats movie.

The buy was not for clickthoughs or any of that other nonsense. But show them some love anyway. This is some new, experimental sh*t I’m trying out and I love that they were willing to risk some cash on it.

Like I said in the beginning. This site is an experiment and I’ll be trying new ideas all the time. Steal them. Remix them. Make them your own. Give me credit. Or Not. As long as you’re not being fucking pedestrian I’m cool with it.

If you are reading this keep in mind that we have readers just like you who visit this site several times a day. If you have a product or service you want me to tell our audience about check out the advertising page (which will be up sometime today!).

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2 Comments on “chartreuse gets ads”

  1. Larson Says:

    How much traffic would have been enough for the first advertiser? Did they let on?

    Also, several days ago you suggested contacting smaller businesses for adverts. Is that what happened here?

    Wait a minute, I should probably be paying you for this info…

  2. chartreuse Says:

    I only contacted smaller businesses (one of them were pretty big but they didn’t even answer me!).

    The one who was concerned about traffic wanted me to have 10,000+ page views a day. I am no where near that.

    I have specific tips about where to find smaller companies with money to advertise in an upcoming post.

    I’ll try to post it today.

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