How To Find Businesses Willing To Advertise On Your Blog Network

I recently convinced my first advertiser that this site was worth spending hard cold cash on.

Here is a step by step guide to exactly what I did so you can do the same thing.

1. make a list: I sat down and made a list of what a network owner (you) want and/or needs. (Actually I put down what I wanted/needed as well since I am trying to become my own customer. but thats a subject for another post.)

2. Find solution providers: Now that I had the problems listed I then had to find the people and/or businesses which solved those problems. That meant Google searching. I wanted companies that seemed to spend money on advertising. But they couldn’t be too big.

It also meant going to PRWeb and PRNewswire. I searched by industry to see who was doing what. I found a bunch of companies I had never heard of with contact information. And people pushing press releases are looking for business.

At this point it was a matter of contacting the businesses I chose. I picked 10 based on just gut instinct.

I decided to start by sending a brief email telling them that I could sell a certain number of their widgets. Really. I then told them why, how and how much it would cost.

I sent all my emails to the “partners” or “business development” departments. If they listed a higher ups email (i.e. president of something or other) I sent copies to those that seemed related to “business development”.

It seems pretty simple but the process was very time consuming. But I really think that if I had the time I could sell all the advertising I want. Of course the blog would suffer.

I hope that answers most of the questions.


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