Sales 101


Let’s talk money.

I threw up a half ass post a few minutes ago telling you what I did to get an advertiser for this site. I was bombarded with emails so I felt I had to hurry and post something.

The facts were there but the spirit was not.

It was a half ass effort and will not happen again.

I’m sorry.

This is the post you need to really pay attention to.

Life is pretty simple.

Decide what you want. Figure out how much it costs. And pay the price.

It doesn’t matter if you want to play in the NBA or buy a can of soup, the song remains the same.

In order to get sales you have to build relationships. It’s like dealing with a hooker. You wanna get laid, she wants to get paid. It’s just a matter of negotiating the price.

Advertisers want to sell their wares. Point blank. If you can do that you’re golden.

Now I can go on and on about value propositions and your usp (unique selling proposition) but the bottom line is, can you sell my shit.

In order to sell you have to have access to an audience that may want it.

The thing about the internet is that it’s nothing but a whole bunch of tribes. Small groups of people who have some real strong core belief. That core belief could be that Jesus is coming back to save us or that TiVo is the best thing to happen to television. You can belong to more than one tribe but you will not have much patience with tribes you don’t agree with. (It’s kinda funny but the truth is that the more connected we become the farther apart we become because we will gravitate to those like us.)

From an advertiser perspective your job is to find out where potential tribe members hang out. From a media network perspective you have to know who your members are so you can exploit it for the advertiser.

Now most people approach businesses for advertising as if the advertiser can make or break you. That is not true.

If you build your network right the advertiser will need you.

 They will have to advertise with you because you know and satisfy your audience.

 Your audience will trust you.

 So if you say “Buy Coke instead of Pepsi” they will because you said so. You know what’s best.

Now if you have done your homework, the companies you approach will need you. After you explain your tribe to them they will be begging to give you money.

Because you can sell their shit.

Try to build a relationship with your potential advertiser. Let them know what’s happening with your network and how they can exploit it. Let them know what people on the streets (of the internet) are saying about them. Become valuable. Create opportunities for them.

Treat them like you treat your audience online.

The best that you can.

Accept their praise but always tell them when you did a fucked up job.

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