Can This Network Be Saved? Know More Media


The most worthless thing in the world is probably a used greeting card. Except to the receiver no one else has any interest in it.

We are moving toward a valueless society. And the more worthless you become, the more valuable you are.

This blog is worthless to 99.99999% of the people who are on the net. It’s geared specificly to those who manage internet media networks.

It’s not targeted.

It’s hyper-targeted.

By being hyper-targeted (if I do my job right) it can become the resource for those who manage blog networks. And by it being hyper-targeted it becomes more valuable not only to it’s select group of readers but also to advertisers

I bring this up because I’ve been spending the last couple of days looking at Know More Media. They are creating a large, valueless, network. But is it valueless enough?

Know More Media (KMM) consists of over 40 targetted sites. They cover sites which range from Advertising to Operations.

The basics are covered nicely.

The sites looks good. I’m one of those people that thinks design doesn’t really matter unless it’s bad. KMM doesn’t have that problem. It’s simple and clean and easy to navigate.

They also have real writers who write interesting posts. Unlike the great outsourcing experiment, you know that their are real people behind the posts. They actually have personalities.

But the site can be improved.

If you run a hyper-targeted site it’s important that you create some sense of community. You have to get your readers involved in the game.

Here’s something they should steal from big media. If you pick up any trade magazine you always notice some feature or article about someone in the industry.

What I try to do is everyday get someone from the industry involved in the site. I interview them. I post their pictures. And they tell their friends in the industry and suddenly more of my targeted audience discover the site.

KMM’s sites don’t do this and need to. But that’s easy.

Another problem they have is the lack of writers. If I were them I would approach people in the industries where they need help. I did a simple search in Google groups for pharmacy and got a list of a bunch of people interested in the topic. Join some and post an ad for a writer.

A bigger problem is that with so many sites dealing with advertising must be a major problem. They have (the dreaded) adsense ads but their is so much more money to be made if they get rid of those ads. They need to read this.

So can this network be saved? Maybe.

They seem to have the content problem similar sites have under control. What they need to do now is FOCUS on the advertisers. With the huge number of sites it may be time for them to outsource a sales staff. (more about how to do that before the week is out.)

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7 Comments on “Can This Network Be Saved? Know More Media”

  1. chartreuse, I’m glad you’ve written about Know More Media. I’ve been blogging for KMM for three solid months and it’s been the most enjoyable job I’ve ever had. There’s so much potential in it for good. Thanks for your suggestions and critiques – we’ll take them into account as we continue to grow.

    I like your candid writing style – conversational and easy to read. Thanks for popping over to Business Blog Wire, too.

  2. RoyT Says:

    I like KMM. I think they have a very clean layout and are straight to the point. I think, with the right marketing, especially an association with the business networking sites, they can accomplish a lot.

    For the record, you are doing your job right, this site is like my online bible of networks. Thanks.

  3. Tim Stay Says:

    Thanks for the honest critique. It is nice to hear you think the design and layout are clean and simple. But even more valuable to me is your critique of the network.

    1. We do need more writers. But we want to make sure we get quality. Recruiting is a major focus.
    2. I like your idea of features on prominent people within that industry. We have done that on, but we could do more in other arenas.
    3. We agree completely about the sales staff. Adsense and CPA deals are not going to maximize it for us.

    It is interesting that you made this post on the day I was visiting with Seth Godin. I had him look at one of our sites and he asked why we were giving very targeted and qualified prospects away for 20 cents with Adsense, when they could be worth so much more to savvy advertisers.

    Please continue letting us know what you think. We are big believers in the concept of “Sense and Respond”.

  4. chartreuse Says:

    Seth Godin is a guy everyone should listen to.

    He knows his stuff. He knows that you can create something great and make money.

    Next time you talk to him though ask him about the Squidoo servers accidently erasing most of the very good lens I made on Prince. I was very upset about that for days….

  5. Maria Palma Says:

    It’s great to see that KMM is getting some publicity! I value your opinion.

    I’m actually in the process of interviewing people and getting their definitions of customer service. I, too, see this as a great way to spread the word.

    KMM is growing and I’m thrilled to be a part of the team 🙂

    ~Maria Palma

  6. […] If you haven’t been paying attention, Know More Media is really getting better everyday. The writers are engaging, those thinking about entering the blog network world could learn from them. […]

  7. stanweg Says:

    Great job guys… Thank for you work…

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