Andy Hagans and The Art Of Leaving It All Onstage


So I was reading Business Blog Wire and said something negative about the BizNetMedia link bait contest. Andy Hagans popped in and couldn’t figure out if I was ‘a lover or a hater” of his work

Here’s the long answer.

Back in 2002 I  promoted shows at the ledgendary Howlin’ Wolf in New Orleans. Howard Kaplan, the owner, is very particular what bands he puts on his stage but because I am who I am he gave me a night I could program myself.

The first band I decided to put on stage for my “Best New Music Night” series was a band called Squint. I had heard the CD and thought they sounded great.

Well, the night of the show it rained. No, I take that back. It was like a monsoon. There was no way anyone with any sense was going to come to a rock show. Since the band was from out of town (Dallas, I think) they showed up anyway and decide to perform.

I told them I wasn’t going to pay them.

They didn’t care.

They performed one of the best shows I had ever seen in my life.

All for a crowd of 3 people.

After the show I insisted on paying them. They refused to take the money.

Dane, the lead singer told me something important.

“Whenever I get on stage I want to leave everything there. No one leaves thinking we didn’t do our best.”

Since then Squint has gone on to win the ASCAP award. They have their music on different television shows and even on movie soundtracks. They are on there way to the big time.


Which brings me to Andy Hagans.

Andy Hagans is a smart and funny guy. He knows more about search engines, link-building and stuff like that than I ever intend to know. He even gives some of his services away to worthy causes like the Uganda Action Network.

But Andy doesn’t leave it all onstage.

And it infuriates the hell out of me.

BizNetMedia looks like it could have been a model for other businesses but instead we get a stupid link contest.

It’s not about the traffic you get. It’s the quality of the traffic. Andy knows that.

But Andy doesn’t care.

And that’s part of the problem. I really feel sometimes that Andy doesn’t care about me, his audience. And that can’t be good.

Andy can show you how to make money. But if that if that’s all you are in it for then maybe you should just get a regular fucking job.

So am I a lover or a hater of Andy Hagans?

Short answer: I haven’t decided yet.

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13 Comments on “Andy Hagans and The Art Of Leaving It All Onstage”

  1. Brian Clark Says:

    Maybe I just have a twisted sense of humor, but I think Andy was doing this in a fairly tounge in cheek manner. He had to know the traffic quality wouldn’t be that great, and he had to know that anyone with an IQ over the median would understand what was happening (especially since he took submissions in the comments, not in private, therefore killing every idea as soon as it was posted).

    Maybe I’m wrong about his intentions, but he *is* a smart guy, so I just figured he was having a laugh that scored a few links anyway. Hell, you just gave him another link.

    I personally laughed my ass off. Andy, why don’t you ‘fess up? Am I wrong?

  2. chartreuse Says:

    You are probably right. Tough, busy week so my sense of humour may be fried.

    I guess I am just a passion junky. I see passion all over the place when it comes to where to put a frigging adsense ad but no passion what’s so ever when it comes to actually giving people good content.

    Andy’s not totally responsible for that but he baited me…and I bit.

  3. Brian Clark Says:

    Andy is definitely very bottom-line oriented. But he’s upfront about it, so I have no problem. I despise AdSense business models, but that’s me. I know they make good money for some people, but the newbies coming on the scene are being led down the merry path thinking they will make money that way.

    btw, since you’re a music guy, here’s my favorite stanza from one of my favorite Morphine tunes:

    It was later, it was after two.
    We found a bottle of good chartreuse.
    The lights were green and gold, we played Latin soul.
    By the time Priscilla put the Al Green on, the bottle was gone.

    morphine / top floor, bottom buzzer / the night

  4. chartreuse Says:

    Morphine…good band…great band if you consider that they did it without a guitarist.

    I go to a bizmedia site and get the idea that it’s built for one reason only. To make me click on an ad. Good thing? I don’t think so.
    I think it makes me dislike you and the site.
    But I could be wrong. He’s the expert.

  5. Andy Hagans Says:

    A few thoughts:

    > I really feel sometimes that Andy doesn’t care about me, his audience

    But you’re NOT my audience. Each of the 30 blogs in BNM has a different audience (many overlapping a lot) — but I’m not sure any of their audiences would include you, or, for that matter, the people who talked about / participated in the link baiting competition.

    > Andy can show you how to make money. But if that if that’s all you are in it for then maybe you should just get a regular fucking job.

    This is where you lost me. Hmm, to make good $$$ while working in underwear… OR go be a corporate stooge for half the pay and less than half the fun.

    -I’m in business for the $$ and the lifestyle
    -I help some causes out because they give me a warm fuzzy feeling
    -I’m NOT in business to give myself a warm fuzzy feeling

    >So am I a lover or a hater of Andy Hagans? Short answer: I haven’t decided yet.

    In this, I have succeeded. You may end up hating me or loving me, but in the meantime you’re talking about (and linking to) me!

  6. Andy Hagans Says:

    >Andy, why don’t you ‘fess up? Am I wrong?

    You don’t need me to ‘fess up’ to know what’s going on 🙂

    You know what DOES seem odd to me is that I haven’t seen as much second guessing of other content/blog networks — man if I ever opened my mouth on that I’d sure have a lot to say (but I won’t — unless you catch me offline / at the pub).

  7. Sarah Hagans Says:

    >So am I a lover or a hater of Andy Hagans?

    I am his big sister and even I can’t answer this question!

  8. chartreuse Says:

    People trust you to tell them how to make $.

    People, I repeat, trust you.

    When they go to your sites and see nothing but infomercials they think that that is the way to make money on the net. Which means all we, the audience gets, are ads to click on.

    Yeah, and you’re right, I am linking to you and talking about you. That doesn’t bother me.

    You are also responsible for global warming.


  9. Andy Hagans Says:

    > You are also responsible for global warming.

    I probably shouldn’t tell the blogopshere I drive a Suburban– OOPS!

    > People, I repeat, trust you.

    What has worked for me will NOT work for most people. I don’t feel sorry for an “entrepreneur” who tries to exactly copy what I do and fail.

    If they are meant to be successful, they will take a bit from me, a bit from you, a bit from Scrivs, a bit from Darren, a bit from 1000 other web sites they like, form a plan, and work their a**es off. Then, in 3 years, they will be making decent money.

  10. chartreuse Says:

    Andy, I feel some defensiveness.

    I like you.

    I don’t like the fact that people think they can do what you do and all will be well.

    Is that your fault?

    Probably not.

    But you put your face out there and part of being in the public eye is having to take a few licks.

    I’m sure you can take it. Read my about chartreuse (beta) page. This stuff is never personal.

  11. Quantity over Quality -Yep, You Heard it Right

    Oh My…
    While running around the web doing research for my latest (and greatest) venture – – I came across something that really astounded me – BizNicheMedia.
    I know nothing of the guys behind it, so it’s not a person…

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