Why Angelina Jolie’s Sex Life Is Important To Your Network


Contrary to popular belief the easy part of any blog and/or blog network is monitizing it and making a little money.

The hard part is finding readers.


umair over at BubbleGen (those on my blogroll are must reads, people) came up with the reason over a year ago.

The price of finding a new blog is costly. It takes time and¬†becomes harder as more blogs appear. Who’s good? Who’s bad? And how do you know?

Here’s what Umir pointed out:

“What this means is that reputation effects are a key market structure of the blogosphere – because they slash search costs. You might not read bubblegen if only Om mentions it – but if Om, Battelle, Wired, and BoingBoing mention it, you’ll probably give it a chance. The probability of this being a good blog (and thus expected value) jumps discontinuously – not linearly – with each repuational signal the market sends you.

But the odds of this happening are pretty low – even if your blog is great, sending this many signals is combinatorially complex. It doesn’t (and won’t) happen often. What all this really means is that the blogosphere will ossify – it will get and stay locked into winner-take-all dynamics. Especially as the number of bloggers increases massively more than the number of readers.

So how are people going to find your network?

SEO and the like will only help you so much if you are trying to monitize something as common as Angelina Jolie. Who’s not talking (or thinking) about her?

That’s why I think it’s important that you make the blogs in your network as targeted as possible. They need to be absolutely worthless to the vast majority of people.

Don’t talk about Angelina Jolie. Talk about something even more specific. Dedicate the site to just her movies or just her¬†hairstyles or just her sex life.


Because the smaller the audience the louder you become.

It increases the value of your content not only to your readers but also to advertisers looking to reach specific niche markets.

Got it?


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6 Comments on “Why Angelina Jolie’s Sex Life Is Important To Your Network”

  1. RoyT Says:

    Not sure if it was here or another site, but I think this becomes an ever important issue of finding a niche and working on it. We are people who look, but for the average reader, and the majority of the population who have never heard of these networks, I doubt it makes a difference to them to read content that comes from a site thats part of a network or not.

    If people viewed these networks more like television networks or large magazines, which I believe will happen someday, then we can truly have something to call unique and start getting more competitive.

    As of now, I see most networks throw a general list of topics up and the loyal users to those sites will pick and choose. It’s important to find something to specialize in…which is why I really enjoy reading things from spokemedia. They cater to my generation and speak in a way in which I care to read about, not am forced too.

  2. ME Strauss Says:

    smaller nicher the more you care about ME, ME, ME

  3. vrocks Says:

    I think I will agree with ya on this one.

  4. badborg Says:

    How about Jessica Alba’s sex?

  5. beck Says:

    thank you for your work

  6. okiyohukyo Says:

    Here are some links that I believe will be interested

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