NATPE For New Media Networks?


Maybe it’s time to rethink blog networks.

I mean that maybe it’s time we get serious about this business. Everyone else is.

I am a content producer. I think a pretty good one.

I am currently in negotiations with a network about producing an idea I have. But I know the problem I’m going to have before we even discuss it. Paying me what I’m worth.

Tim Stay asked a very important question a few days ago in the comment section of one of my posts.

It’s relatively easy for someone like me to monitize my site. I’m a one person deal and all I have to do convince one or two advertisers for a reletively small amount of money.

But how can a new media network scale that process?

This is important. Not just for the network but also for the content producer. My concept involves video, podcasts, and mobile aspects. That means my concept will almost certainly involve other people. And they may have to be paid. And if the network doesn’t have it’s main function working properly (i.e. monitizing it’s content) then they can’t pay me what I, as a producer, need to produce quailty programming. Which means I suffer,the network suffers and ultimately the consumer suffers.

So here’s what I have been looking at. I hope it’s it’s something that the major new media networks take seriously and consider. Their future could depend on it.

Follow Old Media.

Television networks get most of their programming from independent producers. Every year producers of programs meet with advertisers at the NATPE convention. Advertisers buy time on shows in advance giving networks money to pay producers.

Now why don’t someone set up something where advertisers can look at the programming on the various networks and purchase advertising?

Now the cynics in the room are saying “Isn’t that what blog-ads and other ad networks do?”

Kinda, but not really. It would give advertisers to place more than just strip ads. It would give them an opportunity to really work with networks and producers to come up with original ideas to get there products out to the public. Plus it gives the opportunity for relationships to be formed which can help this new industry.

Now I’m not a tech guy but I think the entire thing the entire thing should be set up online. And it should happen 4 times a year. Membership of some type should be required.

I don’t have all the details. But I think something like this would help new media networks be able to create and/or buy quality content. It would help a growing number of content producers to be able to produce great content. It would help advertisers reach targetted audiences. And give people like owner Tim Stay the opportunity to sell his advertising opportunities all at one time.

Let’s get serious.


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2 Comments on “NATPE For New Media Networks?”

  1. Liz Strauss Says:

    Being first is the hardest, but it has the best payoff. If you have your act together and your partnership is right. I see you’ve got Tom Peters in your blogroll. I’m wondering . . .

  2. Tim Stay Says:

    The concept is a great idea, but it can’t be executed the same way. It has to be something with the same function (targeted advertisers hooking up with targeted publishers), maybe call it NATPE 2.0. I sold a company to, who got bought by Primedia and I saw the “Old Media” sales model. The New York centric focus with New York expensive real estate, New York salaries, and the insider “good old boy” networking is the model for traditional media. Traditional media is broken. The fall of the media elite is occuring and the democratization of media is also requiring the democratization of the media advertising model. Pulling from an idea from my partner, Hal, can we get the contextual relevancy of Adsense, with the niche targeting of eBay, with the function of NATPE? I can see something like that scaling.

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