Something To Read if You Still Want to Own a Network Next Year

scott karp over at Publishing 2.0 does a rundown on the  media bubble and give major props to Umair over at Bubble Generation and his power point presentation on Media Economics. It is a must read for everyone with an economic interest in new media.

I’ve pointed to some of Umair’s work before. He’s a difficult read at points because he has his own ‘language’ to describe things but do work through it. It’s worth it.

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One Comment on “Something To Read if You Still Want to Own a Network Next Year”

  1. RoyT Says:

    Makes it even easier with a degree in Economics. I liked his model, it does explain a lot, but since there needs to be MUCH research to verify every single aspect of media 2.0, its not perfect. He did an excellent job in applying current econ models and applying them to models about what happening and comparing it to old media and web 1.0 media, but untill the foundation of “web 2.0” keeps some kind of consistency and the use of RSS feeds and other items which advance online media are studied and tested in actual situations, its difficult to say how true the models hold.

    Thanks for the aritcle.

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