The World is Flat and Everyone’s an Army Of One


I was talking to some folks on VelvetRope discussing the disappointing numbers the movie King Kong did. The studio was predicting it to break records. Oops!

Here are the things all you wannabe media tycoons need to know. Thank me later. 

The mainstream is dead. It has been dead for years but some folks are still getting this news late. If you want to put up good numbers with ANY product you gotta hit your core audience first and hit them hard with something they LOVE. Let them spread the gospel. For an example please see:Any successful product/movie/album of the past 3 years.

Do not bother getting attached to anything. This may seem a bit depressing but it’s the truth. People lived their whole lives thinking the world was flat. They killed people who thought different. Now why in the world would you think we are any smarter today? We just started letting Gay and Black folks sit at the big table. If we can’t get things right with humanity it’s probably safe to assume that the new shampoo you swear by isn’t as good as it claims or will be.

We are becoming a world of tribes. Small groups of people who have some real strong core beliefs. That core belief could be that Jesus is coming back to save us or that TiVo is the best thing to happen to television. You can belong to more than one tribe but you will not have much patience with tribes you don’t agree with. It’s kinda ironic (in an alanis morissette sense) but the truth is that the more connected we become the farther apart we become because we will gravitate to those like us.

What does this have to do with your network?



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7 Comments on “The World is Flat and Everyone’s an Army Of One”

  1. Brian Clark Says:

    Nope, that’s not irony in the Alanis Morissette sense, because you (unlike Alanis) know how to *properly* demonstrate an example of irony.


    For those of you at home not sure of the definition of irony and are too lazy to go to, please rent “Reality Bites.”

    BTW Char… do you not want to be contacted? There’s not a form or email addy to be found….

  2. chartreuse Says:

    The fact that I thought I was using irony wrong is ironic (in a Morissette sense),I think. I will have to add “Reality Bites” to my Netflix queue.

    And I’ll throw up some contact info.

  3. Andy Hagans Says:

    Sounds like you’ve been reading the Long Tail.

  4. chartreuse Says:

    The Long Tail is xcellent. I really try to read everything and then just spit it back out here (remix it) with curse words. 🙂

    What everyone wants to know is what is it you’ve been reading?

  5. ChristineMM Says:

    I am flattered to be linked to in your entry.

    One thought I have about tribes is that I find we have more than one tribe we are part of. We show a piece of ourselves to each tribe. With the pace of our society it is hard for anyone to know all of who we are. I have a tribe of Cub Scout related people who don’t give a darn about the other parts of my life or interests. I have a tribe of homeschoolers, a group of stay at home moms that meet regularly to have Mom’s Night Out, a group of breastfeeders, some attachment parnenting friends, neighbors, etc.

    Family is another situation (extended family) they know only parts of who I am and don’t know anything about other parts.

    There not only isn’t enough time for us to know everything about each other but most people just don’t care! The person that knows the most about me right now is my husband. Life is getting so splintered it is even hard to keep up with my former best friends. Plus we disagree on certain things and more and more there are less topics to discuss without getting into an argument, i.e. politics, school choices, parenting style, etc.

    Anyone else find this happens with the tribe thing?

  6. badborg Says:

    Blows my mind. Thanks.

  7. […] I’ll guarantee you one thing – if you expect only 1% of your users to create content, that’s all you’re going to get. Don’t limit yourself, don’t limit yourself, don’t limit yourself. Participation is both a design and a scope problem, and you can’t just take a pass and say ‘eh, we’re everything to everybody and we’ll get our 1%.’ Yes, this is partially an old debate redux, but it needs to be said now more than it did back in February. Take chartreuse’s advice: “The mainstream is dead… hit your core audience first and hit them hard with something they LOVE.” […]

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