What’s Been Happening As You Move Around Your Adsense Templates


The BBC thinks podcasting may become a cashcow.

Electronics makers, wireless operators and cell phone technology firms are betting big money that consumers on the go will soon clamor for TVs that they can tote in purses and pockets.

JPMorgan Chase analyst Spencer Wang has done the math and determined that shows like CSI or Lost generate 57 cents in advertising revenue per viewer and $1.44 in iTunes download revenue per user (the networks make 70% of the $1.99). Writes columnist Dianne Mermigas, There is a growing realization by content producers, distributors and buyers that they will able to generate more revenue across a spectrum of wireless digital broadband devices and platforms than has ever been possible in an advertising-dependent model.”

Newsweek and Technorati have partnered up.

YouTube.com, had more than 3 million visitors in December, nearly tripling its visitation in November, according to Nielsen/NetRatings.

The character Barney from CBS’ “How I Met Your Mother” has a blog, as does Dave Groves of ABC’s “Invasion”.

Just thought I’ld let you know.


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