3 Questions With Steve Johnson of Clear Digital Media

Steve Johnson

After surviving a motorcycle accident and spending a week in the hospital, one of the first things Clear Digital Media owner Steve Johnson did was answer 3 questions about his fast growing network. BTW,the purse in the picture does not belong to Steve Johnson (not that there is anything wrong with that.)

1. What has been your biggest surprise in running a blog network? Biggest surprise is the amount of targeted traffic you can generate from a blog pretty quickly, much more than from a non-blog covering the same topic.  Seems like search engines reward websites more if they are run from popular blog platform like Blogger.   

2. What do you think is going to be your company’s biggest obstacle for the next six months and how are you preparing for it? Biggest obstacle seems to be technology upgrades.  At the rate traffic is growing, will need to add more servers.  More server security features, and will need to hire dedicated server administrator. 

3. This is a new field, blog networks. What advice would you give someone thinking of starting a blog network? My advice is to ignore the advice of other “blogging experts”.  That’s what I did.  Stick to your observations instead of interpreting the advice of other published experts.   I stuck with Blogger, for example, and learned that there are some serious advantages in terms of server performance (when blogs are hosted on my server), and with SEO.   All other “blog experts” seem to look down on Blogger, as if its a roadblock to success.  In fact, we’ve had our most successful year last year, and so far this year, traffic and earnings continue to move up.  That’s why you have to stick with your intuition, and persevere, persevere, persevere…  

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