How To Use Your Weaknesses To Sell More

Nice article I found via inluminent. Below is an excerpt. 

Make two lists.

First, pretend for a moment you’re your main competitor. What traps would you set if competing against your offering? List everything your competitor is likely to say or highlight in positioning your product, service, and company in a way that makes your offering weak and theirs the better option.

Second, stand in the shoes of your prospective customer and list every objection they are likely to raise in evaluating a decision to purchase your solution. This could be everything from lack of time in business to size of capitalization, market share, service and support capabilities, and terms of sale and pricing models.

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4 Comments on “How To Use Your Weaknesses To Sell More”

  1. Brian Clark Says:

    Yep… that’s classic Joe Sugarman. Reveal your weaknesses up front in your copy before your prospect even thinks of them, then overcome them or point out why they’re not relevant.

    Welcome back… hope the ex didn’t hassle you too much.

  2. chartreuse Says:


    And about the ex. I have 2. One is very cool and the other is just the opposite. She puts nails in my hands. But it will all work out. I have good karma.

  3. Liz Strauss Says:

    Great post. Thanks for the reminders. In the early 90s Xerox used to Charge $1100 for two Programmed Learning Books that went with a training course that basically said only that. They probably still sell it–for a lot more now. I like your post a whole lot better.

  4. Plioz Says:

    This is great tip, most people never think from the other side.

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