A Blog Network Success Story: What Rafat Ali Can Teach You


One of the major problems I find in current networks is the fact that they don’t know where they are going.

Someone once said “Begin with the end in mind.”

Wise words.

If you have no idea how to know when your project is successful you will probably end up with a meandering mess.

Let’s take for example The Mom and Pop Network. It’s a group of blogs being written by parents of all sorts. It’s an interesting and growing network. Blog Network List says they have 16 sites. I count more like 50.

It’s a goldmine niche. Parents like hanging out with other parents and sharing ideas, failures and things to buy. But, unfortunately I get the impression that  Minic Rivera
doesn’t know what to do now that he has created this group.

I hope I’m wrong, though because he obviously has his hands on a good group of content producers.

Now let’s look at the other end of the spectrum.

Rafat Ali has created one of the most successful blog networks to date. He has award winning blogs which actually generate enough of a profit for him to have hired other reporters. He didn’t make the Blog Network List at all (why I don’t know) but his network of blogs are some of the most influential and well run in the game.

He knew where he was going before he even started. (By the way. He has never had any adsense or any other network ads on his site.)

Rafat Ali get’s it.

He carved his niche and is expanding on it. It’s people like him that keep this entire blog network business relevent.

So what are you trying to do? Are you looking at the way people actually consume media? (By the way you can get a PDA/Wireless version of Rafat’s site.)

You want to know what you should be thinking about? Here’s what Rafat Ali had to say two years ago:

Look at wireless content and kids in Europe, all kids do is stare at that two-inch square of space on their mobile and send text, and download ring tones. Then if they come off that they’ll be on videogames or IM or chat. That’s how content is being consumed by the younger generation. And that’s what the content companies need to figure out, how to look at the longer term.

The same thing is now happening in America. And you need to be thinking about that along with creating content that is interesting and relevent.

Rafat has created multible streams of income from his blog. He has never just pointed to other stories but gives relevent opinion and analysis as well.

If you have a network or you’re thinking about starting a network, I suggest you examine Paid Content and learn how it’s done.

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