How Much Is “Blog Herald” Really Worth?


Matt over at Blog Network Watch (the only place to get consistant blog network news) reports that Blog Herald is up for auction over at Sitepoint. It seems the $72,000 bid didn’t go through so now it’s back up on the block.

Here are the basic stats (that Jeremy gives) on the site:

Age of site (months): 36

Monthly revenue: $2000.00

Revenue details:
Typical monthly revenue streams:

Adzaar: $300
Adbrite: $100
Blogads: $250
Fastclick: $50
Google/ YPN; $400-600
Direct ads: average $100 per month
TextLinkAds: $200-300
Affiliate: 50-100$/month
Performancing: $325 gross (direct ad sale)
Other: $200-400

Monthly page views: 750000

Now looking at those numbers 1 thing jumps out at me.

1. Duncan is obviously not a good salesman. For those pageviews he should really be making more money. Somebody call Andy Hagans. Fast!

But the real question is, what is the Blog Herald website worth?

Well if you are thinking about bidding here are some things to consider.

Unlike other media publishing buys you are not buying any subscriptions. You literally have no guarantee that when the top guy bails the readers won’t either.

There are no guaranteed advertisers. Meaning no guaranteed money from that end either. (But that could be a good thing.)

But you do have a “brand name”.

That is all that you are buying. But it’s a pretty valuable name in the blogosphere. And that’s where the action is.

I really think that Jeremy and Duncan could have gotten a better price (and no price has been settled yet so I know this is presumptious of me) if they would have kept the sale secret.

Who would/should be interested in this “prime” piece of internet real estate? Try any of the different Blog networks out there or even better yet, one of the many old media companies trying to put their foot in the internet door.

I think Duncan could have walked away with a sizable booty and stock options if they would have kept quiet and approached some old media folks about the sale. (Of course, it’s comfortable for me sitting here in the armchair quarterback role). And maybe they did, meaning the value is really low.

Now according to the auction notes you can skip the auction and be the first person with $50,000 and own yourself this piece of internet real eastate.

I think they are selling themselves cheap. Blogs are multiplying like rabbits. There are websites on every corner meaning that the value of a popular one should increase.

Plus, it seems Duncan is not a good salesman. The new owner should dump all that adsense/network ad noise and find one or two sponsors for the whole site. (Of course the people in the perfect position to do this would be an old media company.) They could get $4000-$5000 per month easily.

Duncan. Tell someone call the New York Times or The L. A. Times or any of those old media stalworths looking to get into the internet game. Tell them you want $100,000.00 in stock. And you’ll stay on for a year.

[ Reloaded: I think I should explain why I put the price so high.

1. If it is sold to an old media company it would give them a valid entry into the blogging world. Imagine the NYT (which just introduced blogging) was to also own the “blog site of record“. Perfect fit. They can promote there own blogs. Keep Duncan to keep the transition smooth and their stock would go up on the annoucement alone. More than enough to pay the low price.

Now if this is to be sold to an individual then it is no where near as valuable. Maybe 25 grand. You can use it to promote other sites on your network (if you have one) or use it as a cornerstone of some kind of content producers network but other than that….]

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8 Comments on “How Much Is “Blog Herald” Really Worth?”

  1. Dave Says:

    I think the problem here is the subject matter, as an industry bloggers do not have huge amounts of cash to throw around on sponsoring sites, so if you do a blog, reporting on blogging, it reduces what you can make. An online casino will throw you 5 grand, at the drop of hat, they pay 5 times that for a kidney stone !. But at this time , the $$$ are not there for ads on blogging, and i am not sure they ever will be. If Duncan had that kind of traffic for Poker he would be pulling in 100k a month. Just so we are clear, i don’t look at this site as reporting on blogging,In my opinion its providing information on content distribution, and the various platforms that can be used to do so, again a mobile content delivery network has $$$ to spend, but i think Char allready knew that ;).

  2. Matt Says:

    Only a large company could spend that kind of money to acquire this site and be profitable about it – and considering what most big media guys do with their poor attempts at blogging, I would hate to see this happen.


  3. Matt Says:

    Thanks for the mention, by the way, we keep improving over there 😉

  4. chartreuse Says:

    But the big guys are coming anyway.

    Might as well profit from it, right?:)

    And Dave, can you teach me poker so I can start a blog about it?

  5. Dave Says:

    Lol yes Char, i can teach you poker, something tells me you would be good at it too.

  6. Andy Hagans Says:

    Direct ad sales are a pain in the butt 🙂 If you ask me, half the value’s in the link pop there.

  7. chartreuse Says:

    Of course you would say that… 🙂

  8. Duncan Says:

    A couple of things:
    First: I cant spell chartreuse, so although my wife rang me yesterday or the day before to tell me about this article I haven’t read it before today because I literally couldn’t spell it 🙂

    Secondly: yes, I suck at selling ads, but in my defence a lot of that is to do with where I’m at as well, because being in Country Western Australia (in my defence I am a Sydney boy though) it makes it very, very hard to follow up ad enquiries from the US, which I still probably get a couple a day through the Blog Herald as well. It’s also the story behind who b5media came about because I initially approached a couple of bloggers I knew about forming an advertising network, because I knew The Blog Herald could do a lot better relative to page views but wasn’t. At the end of the day b5media became a blog network as opposed to an advertising network, and is doing ok in ads, but by not being focuses on advertising alone means the Blog Herald hasn’t, in a way got the attention I’d wanted for it…and I’m not being critical of b5media here because its my long term income source and we served 8 million page views in January, which is bloody amazing in itself 🙂 I recognise though that with a decent owner the brand (and it is a brand, compare my name in any search engine to “The Blog Herald” and the brand will beat me 10:1) can go on to bigger and better things, and it will also free me up in terms of time, conflict of interest (it really sucks when ppl say you cant say things any more because you own a blog network) and naturally I do need the money now this is my full time job, and I’m not pulling any money out of b5, it all goes back into support, services, you name it, we are investing all we can now so its bigger, better, brighter….

    aside from that, its all fair comment. I wish a company would come along and offer me $100k in stock, I’d sell half of it, keep the rest and live happily ever after 🙂

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