One of the things about the internet that I like is that you get to watch.

Here’s what I’m watching:

Renee is trying to build a small blog network. So are the folks at Level9Media. Both blogs keep you fairly updated.

Andy Merrett keeps adding blogs to the Blue Fish Network. Something tells me he has a plan…

My discussion with the 9rules folks yesterday got me interested in sex blogs. So I started looking at them.

And I’ve been also watching a lot of YouTube, vSocial,  and Revver so I can see what those 13 year olds are thinking about.

Anybody know of anything else interesting I should be watching?


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9 Comments on “watching…”

  1. Colin Devroe Says:

    Me. 🙂

    “We’re watching you…” haha.

  2. Renee Says:

    While I appreciate the “watch” I do find it unnerving.

    Like what you got going here and hope that I don’t disappoint!

  3. RT Says:

    Char..thanks for the mention. Lol, by the time I’m done, you’ll think I used every idea you ever put out, so far the response has been good, especially for one of the sites citizencircus. Anyway, I’ll let you know of the formal launch first, some of the sites we aren’t listing on the homepage, but its really good stuff..thanks again !

  4. Dave Says:

    Not quite 13 year olds, but my kids (10 and 11) are constantly on this site 70 million users worldwide. Certainly worth a look

  5. chartreuse Says:

    neopets? wtf is that?

  6. Dave Says:

    lmao, thats kind of what i said, but hey the kids love it, can’t get em off the bloody thing.

  7. Dave Says:

    haha, you did some research then 😉 did you get your pet then Char ? seems according to that link its not just for the kids !.

  8. […] Want to thank Chris for being a sweetie and welcoming me to the blogging community. Also want to thank Chartreuse for mentioning me, even if it was only in passing. […]

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