Will Video Kill Your Blog Network?


In case you haven’t noticed “The Next Big Thing” on the web is already here. And it’s not RSS or Podcasting.

It’s video.

YouTube, vSocial, Revver and the new crop of video aggregators like FireAnt.

It’s not the future. It’s right now.

vSocial has gone from zero to 26M monthly page views and 120K+ unique visitors a day in a little over two months. 

But the real question is how will this video explosion effect your blog network content?



Everybody knew video was eventually coming to the net. And some blog owners have been experimenting with it with programs such as vblog it! and the like. But as a network owner what does this mean?

The answer seems kinda obvious. You need to step up your game. Your job is to provide relevent, entertaining content which you can profit off of.

If the kid down the street is producing something more interesting than you, then you have a problem.

Now the video revolution is only effecting a small number so far. But this is the internet. In six months it will be ubiquitous.

Let me be real. It won’t be long before someone start doing all these niche sites you are creating in a video form. People will still visit text pages but they will soon be expecting video.


Because the kids will and as I was taught a long time ago, 13 year old white girls run the world. 

Those girls don’t care about RSS or Podcasting. Pictures and Video and Chat and Social Networks they love. (And that’s why they are all very popular on the net.)

So if you are a writer, start learning about producing other forms of content. Taking your talent on the page and remixing it for other formats.

If you are a blog network owner, it’s time for you to start planning for the future and figuring out how you are going to capitalize on it. It will change the way you think about your network and your advertisers. (See why I wanted you to dump the Google ads). Some of the smarter network owners have already been thinking about this for a while.

But some things won’t change. You will still need a targeted audience. You will still need compelling content. You still are going to have to make that content available on many platforms.

You just gotta be ready for your close up.

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9 Comments on “Will Video Kill Your Blog Network?”

  1. Liz Strauss Says:

    A eye to the future and a mind to the present. . . . give them more content and more ways to access it. Basic isn’t it?

  2. Brian Clark Says:

    Well, let me be the fly in the ointment here (as usual), but doesn’t it depend on your audience? Kids, no doubt. But Liz is a good example of a business writer whose audience may not feel the need for video.

    Some people still like business-level information in text, for reference and for contemplation. And podcasting seems a natural evolution from the books and training materials found on tape and CD.

    Some video would be good at the biz level. But for the most part, it may not be the most efficient way to consume business and motivational material in a cubicle or at the gym (and certainly not during the commute).

    So yes… for entertainment, there is a definite shift towards video. But I believe audio is the new big player for most business level stuff.

    Or am I missing the point again? 🙂

  3. chartreuse Says:


    Meet Flyswatter. 🙂

    The Video iPod.

    We are moving to a VOD world (that’s video on demand for those not familiar with the term). Devices like the video ipod are only going to become more prevelant.

    How long before those devices are connected to the internet? How long before they become as ubiquitous as the iPod?

    If you are a content creator I think you should at least be thinking about how video will change your job and income.

    These young people who are growing up on video, do you think when they move into the business world they are suddenly going to switch to an audio or text format? They might. But the person who presents it in video, in an entertaining fashion, will have the advantage.

    The text format will not be going away. It will just be included with the video.

    Here’s what I think. I think you can take any niche blog and change it to a short video format right now and double your audience. Just put the links on the bottom of the video so people can visit the stuff you are talking about.

    If Liz was to switch to a video format I don’t think she would lose any of her audience. She would gain. The content isn’t changing, just the format.

  4. RT Says:

    Video killed the blog star….

  5. Brian Clark Says:

    So the blog world will morph into MSNBC huh? I feel ya…

    Those that have a face made for radio and a voice made for text will not like this news….

    I’m also going to need some cool vid shades with the optic nerve feed. I’ve been waiting for the future since I first read William Gibson. It’s definitely starting to get here.

  6. chartreuse Says:

    It’s not as bad as it seems. It’s just like when television first arrived. Radio folks thought it was the end for them. It wasn’t. All will coexist but the video will be dominant.

    And William Gibson is the best. I read Pattern Recognition: a few weeks ago…

  7. RT Says:

    For the network owners, revver seems like a good idea, they do revenue sharing…just another dollar in the pocket

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