Skull and Bones and Blog Networks


By the time chartruese (beta) runs it’s course I will be the most hated man in the blog network universe. Even more hated than Andy Hagans.

That’s because all I seem to do is complain. But as Perry White says, “Good news doesn’t sell newspapers.”

Some one mentioned the Instablogs site to me because they have a new design. It looks nice. But that is not what caught my eye. What caught my eye was the fact that they were promoting the Instablogs Community.

It’s a place where all the writers of the, I don’t know, one billion instablogs can hang out and chat.

Now this is all the fault of the folks over at 9rules. They have the same thing. A place where all their writers can hang out, chat, come up with secret passwords and whatever else they can think of.

It is a dumb idea.


If you own a blog network your focus should be on your audience. Making sure they are happy enough with the content your content creators are creating so that they come back.

If you feel that private clubs are important to your success then make them for your audience. Let them be able to get in if they make a certain number of good comments or some other act of loyalty. 

Let your content producers decide who’s worthy so they have something else to do besides desperately trying to make you rich.

But do not waste your valuable time creating a country club for your content producers while their audience huddles under the bus stop in the rain at the public golf course.

It just pisses people off.

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24 Comments on “Skull and Bones and Blog Networks”

  1. Andy Hagans Says:

    > in the blog network universe

    It’s a “universe” now? I always envisioned it as a couple cliques of high school girls with too much time on their hands 🙂

    I kind of agree with you about 9Rules, but kind of not. Scrivs has gotten a legion of blogger fanboys now, and he will leverage that relationship to make 9sponsors a success… in light of that it DOES make sense to get the content creators on your side.

    Also, I’m not sure you should be SOLELY focused on your audience… it is good to focus a bit on other creators / bloggers too… I think ‘creators’ are much more valuable (per capita) of an audience than ‘normies’. Creators can link you.

  2. chartreuse Says:

    I didn’t mean to imply that you should treat your creators/bloggers like garbage. I just think you should treat your audience like kings.

    And you’re right, universe is a stretch…

  3. Brian Clark Says:

    Sheesh… how much do I have to pay to get *my* own category over here? Hagans gets more link love than a “call-girl confessional” blog.

    Oh… I guess I’d have to start a blog network. I’ll get right on that.

  4. chartreuse Says:

    Brian, no one loves you more than me.

    If it’s a category you want then you got that. Audience First.

    Now create a network I can rip apart and I can then put something in it… 🙂

  5. Erm… Happy authors means better writing, which means happier readers. If writers can brainstorm, raise issues and have fun, then that IS the key.

    b5’s focus has always been our writers. If they aren’t happy, we’re failing (which, due to recent server issues, to me means we are). Writers aren’t expendable, they aren’t hired help, and a sad writer is a bad writer. Period.

    (IMHO, IB5HO)

  6. chartreuse Says:

    The point of my post is that thought should be given to your readers.

    It’s not the writers which make your brand. It’s the audience. They decide if the writers are as good as you think. They decide if your brand is as strong as you think it is.

    I have dealt with talent my whole life. Not bloggers but musical artists and I think all artists are basicly the same.

    They need the space and the freedom to do what they want but they also need someone to fall back on for encouragement and guidence if neccesary.

    The greatest art never comes by committee. And the happiness of the writer has very little to do with the quality of the output.

    Of course you want the writers to be happy. But you know what makes writers happy? An audience. That’s it. You give them an audience which appreciates what they are doing and they will trust and follow you.

    Private hangout spots are fine and dandy. But don’t let us (the audience) know about them. It makes a % of us upset. I can’t be the first person to complain about this. And if it really pisses me off I will (In fine Army Of One fashion) tell all my friends that those Instablog or 9rule folks are just some pretentious snobs. No network owner wants that.

    This blog is just my opinion on how to manage a new media network. I have the right to be wrong. You’re the one with the time and investment in 9rules. No one can question your level of commitment nor spirit of your beliefs. (Man, do you guys show up whenever 9rules is mentioned?!?:) ) But the success of your venture ultimately depends on the audience. I’m just reminding you (instablogs actually) to treat them right.

  7. Brian Clark Says:

    Uh, Char… Jeremy’s with B5.

  8. chartreuse Says:

    I get all these folks confused. {Of course the fact he said that in the post just adds to my own incompetence}.

    I’ll leave it as it is to show what an idiot I am.

  9. chartreuse Says:

    And when did B5 people start hanging out here? This is an instablogs/9rules bashing post.

    Thanks for the comments Jeremy. You’re wrong. 🙂

    And treat Liz right. I like her.

  10. RT Says:

    9rules has a web radar, they appear anywhere their name is in a post. Which is why you never see them speak when nothing concerning 9rules appears…=) jk, 9rules is a great (sarcasm?, honesty?, ass-kissing?…who knows)

  11. Chicken. Egg.

    Y’know what makes audiences happy? A happy writer. Y’know what makes writers happy? A happy audience.

    We choose to value our writers first, which effectively means we ARE valuing the audience (because we’re training writers, working with them regularly, posting all kinds of helping information, doing brainstorming, etc).

    Likewise others may choose to value the audience first. The net effect of that, of course, will be that writers *have* to be treated properly.

    Just two different ways of saying the same thing, methinks 🙂

    And, as far as reading this… I’ve been subscribed basically since day 1. I just never had a reason to comment, since I either agreed, or thought you were so far in left field it didn’t matter 😉 This one was close enough to home plate that I decided to take a swing at it 😀

  12. Nandini Says:

    Thanks Charteuse for showing interest in Instablogs Community …

    >>I will be the most hated man in the blog network universe.>Perry White says, ”Good news doesn’t sell newspapers.”>that private clubs are important to your success>A place where all their writers can hang out, chat, come up with secret passwords and whatever else they can think of.>Now this is all the fault of the folks over at 9rules.
    Don`t worry 9rules and Instablogs Community are world apart. You will get to find out soon.

    >>It is a dumb idea.
    Only time will tell.

  13. Nandini Says:

    — Don`t kow what happened to the post above.. —-

    Thanks Charteuse for showing interest in Instablogs Community …
    >> I will be the most hated man in the blog network universe.
    I don`t think so. You many times come out with some really good suggestions.

    >>Perry White says, ”Good news doesn’t sell newspapers.”
    Might be true for Newspapers, but I don`t think implies on online content biz. A Good story will always fetch you more readers, and bigger visibility. More consistent are you with the good part, better are your chances of selling.

    >>that private clubs are important to your success
    Instablogs Community is not going to be a private affair or club. Its going to open for everyone soon. Just final testing few things.

    >>A place where all their writers can hang out, chat, come up with secret passwords and whatever else they can think of.
    Community has many things besides a newsroom just like what old fashioned newspaper offices had, where news are discussed and picked. Here writers as well readers hang out, chat but don`t know about the secret passwords stuff though. Can`t give out further details at the moment.

    >>Now this is all the fault of the folks over at 9rules.
    Don`t worry 9rules and Instablogs Community are world apart. You will get to find out soon.

    >>It is a dumb idea.
    Only time will tell.

  14. chartreuse Says:

    my only real point was that you shouldn’t ignore your readers.
    They should be first in your mind. We’ll see how the writer segregation program you and 9rules have implemented will effect you in the long run. Maybe not at all.
    And Andy will be sorry to hear that his title is safe. 😉

  15. Luca Talbot Says:

    I work for the Skulls and Bones >> 322, I helped plan and implement several attacks on ‘we the people.’ Yet the Skull and Bones do not know I work for the Illuminati, ‘the infinitely enlightened’ and we are planning an attack of our own on them. The Skull and Bones will soon lose their power over the people, and will have to stop the tyranny, deceit, fear mongering and war propaganda. We the people will be free to live in peace, prosperity and happiness once again, as our fore-fathers and mothers wanted.

  16. Bill Fiala Says:

    skull & bones ….

    How ignorant is this american society, anyway?

    The collegiate’s define the Athenian / Roman empires which All good collegiate children aspire.

    Their concern is keeping the stock-market money flowing. They are not of the human spirit, only of the spirit of More, More, More, which is of the concept that only the U.S. of A. that DON’T Deserve Universal Health Care FOR FREE for ALL (VERIFIABLE & LEGAL) AMERICAN CITIZENS.


    Our illustrious rat-fuck president was ILLEGALLY given the high honor over the legitimate winner of the 2000 presidency! Who manufactured the WIN???????? The godamned-fucking Skull & Bones, that’s who and you morons just keep on NOT HAVIN’ A CLUE!

    No wonder that this once-glorious country is on the non-eligible end of the Final Outcome.

    Stupid Fucks … almost ALL of you!

    Bill Fiala

  17. Meglos Says:

    Use to get bullied at School since I was a Kid.

    Look out for Teachers Headmaster Staff at Boarders Nurse and Carer say things like “He Stands Up For Himself,” “If You Go Out There You Get Your Self Lost,” “Is He Allowed That,” “Don’t Want You To Go There Anymore,” “He Makes His Own Life Up,” “Stop Making Your Own Life Up,”.

    That’s what Teachers Headmaster Staff at Boarder Nurse say at Special Needs School cause of your differences in creed and race no matter what and they get your family to hit you on the head with a Hammer if someone else has put into cubboard.

    When you go through pubity at age 13 and body changes at age 16 too the Teacher Nurse would beat you up and call the law on you that would beat you up too in school.
    Then so would one of your Grandparents kick you in at home.

    Had you tried to leave School of your own accored cause of what they done to you there the Headmaster would close the gates on you.

    Try stand up to them and fight them over it they would laugh at you if it comes from you.

    When someone else was sick they would say it’s your sick and treat you like you like been mentally ill.

    Then if someone else went through same as me they would work out it’s happened to you too and still make it as your mistake and crime cause they realise they’ve made a big mistake.

    I know who they are.

    Even keep away from them cause I know what their sick little minds are really like.

    They know who they are the ones that try to have control over you through others and over power you and then they run of sneaking away pretending your paranoid and deluded that it never happened to you which is the words they use to make you ill and bad things like that.

    Would like to see them burn in hell through depopulation.

    They do that to me cause their Jerks.


  18. Meglos Says:

    Something is going on.

    By the way I’m on another higher level between society and reality even though I walk up on the Earth as one of you and in reality on a physical form still on that higher level.

    Can’t explain it fully why I walk through that higher level yet not out of the physical world around us literally.

    Sensing it there around me. Get this feeling about it even as we speak.

    If you have the answer to that one would like to hear from you about it.

  19. Meglos Says:

    Their the ones with the cleaver desguises pretending to be decorators outside the street and just passer bys.

  20. Commadore64 Says:


    The law is too they make a bigger joke on those who are different in anyway through others.

    It’s the same for the UK.

    You see it your self Bill Fiala about the 2000 run for president been rigged.

    Their the real criminals then.

    Eg; The Two Crucial CDs with all our personal details on them went missing from under their noises it turned out to be a Police Man that stole the two crucial CDs.

    It’s some of them that do the real crimes then point their fingers on you to cover their tracks by laughing about it like George Bush and John Kerry do about Skulls And Bones been so secret their not allowed to say anthing about it. Ha! Ha!

    Just like when the World Trade Centres was brought down by Planes then they blamed it on Iraq and Iraq got attacked in similar way before the World Trade Centres came down in 2001.

    All points towards you know who.

  21. CyberWarrior Says:

    To Luca

    The only way to acheive peace totally for all would be to bring down the laws the control us but there are laws that are wrong and used against our will away from better health and a better life cause of either who you are or which School you went to and they work against disabilities.

    That is the true reality most live under but do not know it cause of Staff clever desguises of fooling them by brainwashing manipulation that many see as acceptable the fact is they do not know they have evil Staff with them that don’t really mean what they say definition if you wish really many under their spell there’s no choice.

    I’m not on any side.

    Wouldn’t it be best for you to do that instead of killing cause if you kill people with been a member of Skull and Bones and do it cause of been one of them then that means others will see you as a criminal and not as a good person. That’s not for me to say since I don’t really know you.

    If you make an attack on Skull and Bones and been an Illuminati at the same time then to me that won’t work cause it won’t free people that way if you want to free people then go by my suggestions.

    Proof me wrong about your plan and I’ll take everything back I said about your plan to attack Skull and Bones that will free the people.

    If you still decide to do that then do it for good and not for evil senseless killing that might backfire.

    Good Luck.

  22. CyberWarrior Says:

    It seems everyone is on medication these days even Al Gore apart from me then those that kill get put on the mental illness act when really killing ain’t a mental illness.

    That shows that the generation today don’t know anything about what mental illness really is.

    Even when someone calls you a retard they only say it’s cause your a retard cause those that call you that don’t know really what’s wrong with you cause their stupid fools.

    Then Special Needs School should be put under the mental illness act cause that’s what those type of Schools are for for those who are either mental or on medication with something wrong with them that’s why they go to Special Needs Schools.

    Don’t like it when they call killing a mental illness cause that makes those who are really mental look bad when their not.

    This is what Society is really like.

    To me there’s no such thing as Society cause the reality of it is twisted and desruptive by those that believe they have the power and control over us that are different in anyway when they don’t especially those that believe when they are in it together as if they got power or in control makes friends when don’t. They are the Bullies and Gangs that believe they are a Secret Society such as Skulls and Bones and the Illumati when not.

    Now that’s mental.

  23. Lazarusman Says:

    The System in the UK will fail cause of the nonesence that the law brings with them over when others have treated you like in the past and they go by that that have done that to you yet they don’t to others if their going through it and doing normal things. The System in the UK will sure to fail in that sense. Keep it up and it will. That will bring you down with it. If you course my fate over that then it is your fate too. It’s up to you though don’t expect open arms nor make friends from me or to anyone you do that to.

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