“If you are so smart why don’t you start your own blog network?”and other Letters


Here’s a sampling from my inbox:

Hi Char,

What happened to the advertising on your site?

That was an experiment that went wrong. The deal was that I

would place ads for this nameless (you’ll understand why later) company in the text of my site for 10 days. I would also give a platform for one of their tech guys to explain how to do some stuff I thought people here would be interested in, e.g. putting up video, making content mobile, etc.

Everything was well and good until I got an email from Monica (the PR girl for the company) asking me if I would please not curse in my posts during their advertising run. Not a real problem. I hate selling out but whatever. After I agreed to that I was asked to go back to past posts and remove the curse words.

Since these folks were only paying me $100.00 for 10 days mindshare I said fuck it. Not worth the hassle.

They had 54 clicks for the 4 days the ad ran and they sent me by paypal $50. I didn’t ask for it but I didn’t return it either.

If you are so smart why don’t you start your own blog network?

Did people ask Siskel and Ebert to make their own movies?

First: The term is not blog networks. It’s internet media networks.

Two: I consider myself a content producer. I can create cool ass content people want to watch, read or hear. I prefer to stay independent for now. I’m opinionated and like my projects done a certain way. Like the record business, too many people involved can ruin a project. Commitees don’t create cool.

I have approached and been approached by various networks for various projects. If I have an idea that feels right for a network I’ll tell them about it and see if we can come to terms. I’m in no rush. I try to look at the whole board. This is a fledging industry. But don’t worry, you’ll see one of my projects sooner than you realize.


Can you listen to my demo and pass it on?

No. Create an audience and the vultures will come to you. You don’t want a major label record deal anyway. It’s not 1986 it’s 2006.

How do you make chartreuse?

I don’t know.

What do you do for a living?

I am developing a couple of projects now. One I call Fifteen. It follows the life of 5 fifteen year old girls. The girls are basically just posting video diaries online everyday for their fifteenth year. I have 2 girls interested and looking for more. The key is making the content compelling. I think it will be. Teenagers think everything is major drama. I just got to get them to talk about it.

Another is something I call Sectors. It’s basicly an internet version of msnbc but targeted at different sectors of the stock market. It’s video, of course, and will (hopefully) have experts on each sector giving their speils. The difficult part of that is actually doing it live (It has to be live) and not being in New York. I know it can be done (because everyplace is New York City) I just gotta get it down to a price I can afford.

I have a couple of other things but I’m in “negotiations” so I can’t speak about them.

Other than that I am a bum and pay my 2 ex-wives alimony off of collecting cans. 🙂

[reloaded: If any network is interested in any of these projects, email me and I’ll send you a one sheet and a deal memo]

What on your iPod?

I don’t own an iPod. But I have a lot of 80s and 90s music on my mp3 player. Prince and Everclear are personal favorites. But my all-time favorite song is “Being Boring” by The Pet Shop Boys. (I know, how gay is that!)



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9 Comments on ““If you are so smart why don’t you start your own blog network?”and other Letters”

  1. Dave Says:

    Pet Shop Boys West End Girls mate… Still an 80’s anthem for me.

  2. chartreuse Says:

    My brother was really into british music. The song ‘being boring’ for some reason was very cool to me. Very under-rated. That band got no respect here in the states. Just like people here don’t get Robbie Williams.

  3. Dave Says:

    i guess its because they never released being pedestrian 😉

  4. Vince Chan Says:

    Being Boring” was a favourite of mine too, arguably their best and most unacknowledged PSB hit. Did you ever hear the remix? (Since you like remixes). I was hooked on the video at that time, always hoping those bubbles would blow away!

  5. chartreuse Says:

    Wow, the infamous Vince Chan!
    I hope you are staying out of trouble, dude.
    Yes, I’ve heard the remixes. They are cool. The best PSD remix though is the one of “Domino Dancing”, imho.
    Nice to have you pop in. Just don’t get into trouble while you are here…this is a tough group.
    But you’re always welcome to hang out. And if you feel the need to ‘remix’ any of my posts, feel free. Just give me credit. 🙂
    (sorry, cheap shot!)

  6. Andy Hagans Says:

    toooooooooold you so about direct ads!

  7. chartreuse Says:

    Don’t think I’ve moved over to your side of the coin Mr. Andy (Never met a an adsense ad he didn’t like) Hagans.

    All it means is that I have to give more information to the advertiser so that they know what they are getting.

    But you are right that they are a pain to handle.

    Maybe I’ll just outsource the selling part. You can hook me up with some outsourcing contacts, right? 🙂

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  9. […] 同一篇总找到一个链接是说“你这么聪明,为什么不开始一个自己的blog network”,回答颇为有趣: 为什么人们不问Siskel和Ebert作自己的电影。(那两个家伙是影评者) 1,你说的不应该是blog network,而应该是media network 2,我认为我是一个内容提供者,我制作人们喜欢读和听的内容,我希望现在保持独立。 […]

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