The Problem With Aiming Low…


Contrary to what some folks are implying sex blogs are not just popping up. They are just going mainstream. And you can’t get more mainstream than the 9rules folks.

Despite how it bothers some people, the 9rules folks and Sam Sugar are closer than ever to launch a group of blogs about sex. They have been imitated before it has even launched and inspired prostitutes and others to come out of their proverbial holes (pun intended).

Marshall Kirkpatrick brought up some decent questions but no one seems to be asking the right ones. Such as:

What specific plans are being made to keep children out of these blogs?

Now I realize nothing is being done to keep any kids away from any sex blogs now but since 9rules have a higher standard for it’s writers, should we hold them to a higher standard with their new venture?

Just asking.

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9 Comments on “The Problem With Aiming Low…”

  1. Chartreuse,

    Thank you for your posting. I think the questions you have about responsibility in posting are very poignant. I am rather disappointed that currently currently does not let me set RSAC ratings for the blog. Nor do I believe there are such options on any of the free blogging sites. I hope this is changed soon.

    I have started to see many “adult-content” bloggers post disclaimers and “not for any one under the age of x” banners on their sites, but that really does very little to stop anyone from proceeding further. While I do believe it is incumbent on a parent or guardian to guide and monitor a child on the internet, bloggers do bare partial responsibility for helping make this guidance be as easy as possible to implement.

    One other note, as I noted in my initial post on the Courtesan Connection, and in my “About” link, I am not a prostitute, nor have I ever used their services. Some may read your post and infer incorrectly. The blog has been set up to note and talk about some of the issues, thoughts, and ideas that come up in blogs shared by this particular set of authors. However, I do very much appreciate your notice and reference of the blog.

    Best wishes.

  2. RT Says:

    Maybe I should set up a blog about Chartreuse about what Char is blogging about…talk about niche!, but I’m not a fan of blogging about blogging, i’ll leave that one to the pro’s

  3. chartreuse Says:

    I am sorry if I implyed you were a prostitute. That was not the intention. You are right about bloggers having some sort of responsibility but the latest creators seem to be silent on that issue. Thanks for dropping by. Good luck with your project. And come again. 

  4. Larson Says:

    Higher standards? Am I missing something?

    You’d have to be a monumental incompetent to bungle any business in that arena… same deal with tobacco/alcohol, you’re working with an almost sure thing.

    “Aiming low” seems to me a compliment. When shooting fish in a barrel, you don’t need to aim at all…

  5. samsugar Says:

    Larson – it’s easy to fail in adult. It normally starts with saying stuff like “You’d have to be a monumental incompetent…”

    As for keeping kids out of adult blogs – not easy. They’re certainly not marketed to. I don’t think my sex-blogs pose any ‘danger’ to youth but of course that’s highly subjective.

  6. Groganz Says:

    “What specific plans are being made to keep children out of these blogs?”

    It’s called parenting.

  7. RT Says:


    Many networks are doing their part to seperate their general network from their adult content. I think its unfair to criticize 9rules for “not doing more” to protect children, after all, many porn sites are VERY accessible without any “click here is you are over 18” button which offer content more unsuitable for children than a sex blog of a few pics and writing.

    Maybe that should be your concern for now?

  8. Larson Says:

    RT – Yes, I’m sure they’ll do everything they can and everything they should to keep the kiddos out… no reason to believe they wouldn’t. Though I do agree with Sam, not easy at all. It’s probably time I cleaned up my cloudy writing, as I wasn’t actually addressing that in the comment above. Forgive me the confusion…

    Sam – Come on, I thought it was a pretty good descriptive…. you have to admit, sex is the bestselling product in the history of mankind. If a person is willing to sell it, is reasonably savvy in business and willing to work hard, a slam dunk should be in the making. A much different story than…. life insurance.

    I’ll go back to the poems now. Leave the business stuff to you guys. Thanks for letting me in for a moment.

    Char, you gotta lay off these good posts… I’ve got no business being here yet I can’t stay away.

  9. Groganz: It’s not that simple.

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