Links To The Future Of Advertising


I’ve been doing some thinking about advertising.

As regular readers know I’ve been a big critic of adsense and the like. My opinion on that hasn’t changed.

I performed a half-assed advertising experiment here which wasn’t to successful for the advertiser.

People are doing a lot of thinking about content and platforms and “edge competencies”.

People are creating a lot of cool stuff and grabbing a huge amount of users.

But users do not equal audience.

How do you leverage your audience for advertisers?

In a world where everything else has changed how come no one I can find has really put any thought into changing advertising?

Ads are usually ignored.

I ignore them.

You ignore them.

Everybody else does,too.

How do you make them un-ignore-able?

In our quest to make compelling content we need to also think about ways to bring value to advertisers without alienating the very audiences they came here to get.

Somebody, somewhere, online has to be thinking and writing about this stuff.

I’m looking for links.

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5 Comments on “Links To The Future Of Advertising”

  1. Liz Strauss Says:

    Make an ad about somewhere I want to go.

    I was about to type something into a search box when I saw an ad for the place I was looking to go to. I actually had to override my “don’t click on ads” response. Then I thought “Why make work for me? That’s what the ad is there for.”

    I clicked through and did my business with the advertiser. It was win-win-win.

    The quest it seems is finding ads that provide opportunites to buy what readers are considering buying already.

  2. chartreuse Says:

    You’re right, Liz.

    But what if I don’t know where I want to go? What if your product is something I have never heard of?

    I see all kinds of new stuff being created but I am having trouble finding information on how advertisers should go about get attention in a web 2.0 universe.

    Somebody has to be writing abouting about it.

    The audience which uses social software (say MySpace) are a very sophisticated lot. They are not just gonna click on an ad just because we want them to.

    I know this conversation may not seem relevent but I think it’s very important. If the job of my network is to create advertising opportunities for advertisers I should be sure I have an effect way to get my audiences attention. Banner Ads and Text ads seem very 1.0-ish.

  3. RT Says:

    Have you seen They sell tags ads, and there are some ads (through scripts) that allow the site owner to have a small tag cloud on their page and sponsors by tags. Essentially, it looks more like links than sites, which probably get more clicks than an ugly obvious adsense ad.

    Also, I think network owners need to understand their audience. Why the hell would you put an ad up for a trip to the caribbean if most of your visitors are teenage boys and girls, or ads about free ringtones on a business site.

    I use CJ for ads, more targeted, bigger sponsors and direct connection with the advertisers (I just got and I signed up not too long ago, so I can’t give any recommendations.

    You have to know your audience to better understand how to maximize your advertising…

  4. Liz Strauss Says:

    RT is right until now, it’s been as you said, Chartreuse “Everything on the Internet is backwards.” Well, this shouldn’t be but is. The advertisers, big G, in particular, decide who gets to use what words . . . The readers should drive ad choice by their spending power as they do in other media.

    Intimacy with the reader IS the key. The problem is the media is so new . . . pinpointing the readership to get that intimacy takes history and there’s none. So every decision is a new decision and therefore a risk or at least one that takes more time than a decision that has been here before in some manner.

  5. […] Wow! This is very similar to AmBlogger’s theory! It is true that too many people are relying on Google adsense for revenue and quite a few prominent bloggers like Chartreuse are starting to encourage people to look to diversify and be creative with their revenue streams. I do use Adsense but I also regard it as a lazy business model. […]

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