A Blog That Makes $40,000 per week. Really.


5 days of advertising on Rocketboom?


The first Rocketboom advertiser is TRM, a global ATM company traded publicly through the Nasdaq. The next week has already been sold to Earthlink, and the Rocketboomers are in discussion with several other major advertisers for the weeks that follow.

Oh, Rocketboom is a daily videoblog.

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6 Comments on “A Blog That Makes $40,000 per week. Really.”

  1. Brian Clark Says:

    That price includes design of the ad creative by Rocketboom, but it’s still a lot of green.

  2. chartreuse Says:

    The Blog Herald gets almost 1 million page views a month. It’s not worth more than $25,000.00

    How much do you think Rocketboom is worth?

  3. RT Says:

    They may be setting the price high to give themselves an image , even though the advertiser probably has full access to the numbers, they must have a hell of a Ad Exec to pull that off.

  4. chartreuse Says:

    Actually they sold their first ad on ebay. And got the $40,000.00

    They have fanatical fans and a target market which make a decent amount of money.

  5. Brian Clark Says:

    Char, do you have a feel for how much of the $40,000 is for the ad creative work (concept, planning, shooting, etc). Unless purchased by someone with similar skills, you’d have to subtract that portion out.

    Then I’ll tell you how much I would pay for it. πŸ™‚

  6. Fanatic Says:

    …and they have Amanda Congdon πŸ™‚

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