Andy Hagans Explains Why Are People Stealing Your Content


Big guys and little guys are complaining about these spam blogs.

 Since I don’t know any Splog owners I felt lost as to why they were doing it.

Someone said that it was to increase PageRank.

That seemed kind of weird to me so I went to my resident SEO expert Andy Hagans to get the real deal.

They dont do it to increase pagerank — they do it to have ‘spider food’ for the SEs. basically if you have 100,000 pages, each of which has 2000 words of content (say, 100 word snippets from 20 different web sites), those pages (even with very little pagerank) will show up for REALLY longtail/obscure queries…. add Adsense and voila instant profit… although Google is getting better at nuking these… even so, you can make one a day and who cares if they get nuked after 14 days?

this type of situation is a bit more rare than the above even then the point isnt to get ‘page rank’, the point is to get free se traffic and monetize it.–Andy Hagans

 Thanks Andy. Now if you could just tell me how to stop it…


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2 Comments on “Andy Hagans Explains Why Are People Stealing Your Content”

  1. Andy Merrett Says:

    What I don’t get is whose legitimate AdSense accounts they are using? Or do Google nuke the site and not the account? Because you have to have a legitimate site in order to get accepted into AdSense. I mean, obviously they are using their own accounts, else they’d not be making money (unless they’ve found a way to ciphon revenue… kinda like AdSense phishing…)

    So, were these good guys gone bad, or did they bribe someone with a cut of the profits? It’s risky, but yeah I guess it must pay. I hate them…

  2. Andy Hagans Says:

    > Or do Google nuke the site and not the account?

    Yup, you got it.

    One arm of Google (web search) devoted to fighting spam.

    The other arm (Adsense) financing it.

    It’s a funny, complex world we leave in, ain’t it?

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