How A Trip To The Circus Could Save Your Network


The thinking of less successful organizations is often dominated by the idea of staying ahead of the competition.

In stark contrast, high growth companies pay little attention to matching or beating rivals. Instead they seek innovation to make their competitors irrelevant.

Take for example Virgin Atlantic Airlines. They got rid of first class service and dumped the savings into cool stuff for everybody else on the plane.

Or Cirque du Soleil. In a time when going to the circus meant you were crazy they redefined the entire market aiming the circus at the high-end crowd.

They didn’t give a fuck about Ringling Bros.

They completely ignored them and followed their own vision of value for their customers.

The Blog Network market is filled with followers.

J-Cal had a bunch of networks, everybody tries to get a bunch of networks.

9rules has private communities, everybody else wants their version of a good-old-boys club. 

The successful, the people who will end up dominating won’t be the followers.

It will be the ones brave enough to follow their vision and create the best value for the audience.

Anybody doing that now:

9rules completely ignores critics and continues on it’s merry way.

BizNicheMedia is definately innovative by outsourcing what is usually a blog’s core competency.

wurk is taking it’s blogs local.

What are you doing?



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5 Comments on “How A Trip To The Circus Could Save Your Network”

  1. RT Says:

    I use to work for Cirque du Soleil…those were some good days

  2. Bob R Says:

    Those capitalist jerks, they will outsource anything just to make a few more dollars. Now all the good jobs have left America. BizNicheMedia is unpatriotic IMHO!!!

  3. ME Strauss Says:

    When there is only one of you, then you’re the only one. –Liz Strauss

  4. chartreuse Says:

    You worked for Cirque du Soleil? You have to tell us a good Cirque du Soleil story…please?

  5. RT Says:

    Hmm..what would you like to know? It was years ago, I would have to think about it..but here some fun facts! Gilles St. Croix drops 50k+ everytime he visits Vegas, noone in the cast makes less than 75K a year, they have too many shows in Las Vegas (4), Mystere the show I worked for generated over 40 million a year in revenue, and like Gawker, unless someone takes a pice of the action, they will grow to be the greatest live performance show in history, Beside Ancient Rome.

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