The 9rules Guide:How Not To Kick Your Girlfriend Out Of The Band


Some people don’t take rejection well.

One day I came from 16 hours of work and found my apartment empty except for my Playstation2. It seemed my girlfriend had moved in with my cousin and they ‘freed’ my belongings.

After endless bickering I finally took my girlfriend’s name and picture and had it printed on 144 T-shirts with the word WHORE underneath in big bold letters.

I then had the newspaper guy drop them off at every apartment in her new complex.

As she learned, there is a wrong way of kicking people out of your band, your life or your network. 9rules is today’s case study of the wrong way.

Let’s examine what not to do:

Don’t Lie.


When Paul Scrivens, 9rules CEO, wrote One Content Network Please, I thought it was brilliant.

It made sense to me.

You’re either for us or against us. 

Ride or Die. 

And I thought the please was a nice touch.

But then I noticed something.

Om Malik of Federated Media Stays

Bryan Veloso of Yopos Network Stays

Ben Beilkamp of BlogMedia Goes.

Girlspoke Salaam.

Obviously the point was to dump people associated with Blog Media/Erati whatever.

He should have just stood up and said that.

What people want in leaders (since he asked) is authenticity.

When you give doublespeak as if you are the President of the United States then you end up looking like The President of the United States.

And nobody wants that.

Let Beyonce Be Beyonce


The first person out the box to defend the actions was Tyme White, the woman in charge of the 9rules Communities.

When there are problems with the ship people really don’t want to hear from the cruise director.

 When Destiny’s Child kicked out members (twice) the announcement was made by the guy really in charge, Mathew Knowles. 

Beyonce just muttered something both times about how she hoped they’ll all stay friends. No one believed her but it was what was expected. She’s just Beyonce. Her job is to keep the fans happy. 

The community director coming out swinging made the casual observer (and there is no one more casual than I) flinch. The person in charge of keeping the Community happy was bad-mouthing people who hadn’t even had time to remove their 9rules logo.

Kinda tacky.

Enjoy The Shoes


You don’t learn it until you get it but all fame brings you is more scrutiny and the opportunity to have sex with people who wear more expensive of shoes.

That’s it.

Ms. White opened her diatribe upset with the blog network press.

Let me repeat that.

She was upset with the blog network press.

If you can’t handle flings from the blog network press then the real press will Eat. You. Alive.

Reaching for that brass ring gives complete strangers the right to tear you down. It’s what we (people in general) do. Success breeds backlash. Accept it and enjoy the shoes.

Ignore Flavor Flav


Cowboy/Krug for some reason had his nose completely twisted over this thing. Despite the one thing he is right about, Cowboy is the Flavor Flav of the Blogosphere.

Let him dance around with his clock but don’t encourage on his antics. Just send him back to Brokeback Mountain where he can chat with CJ.

Hopefully this entire thing will blow over and there will be no lasting reprecussions on the 9rules reputation. Ms. White is smart as well as the rest of the 9rules team. They are doing some things exactly right (which I’ll write about in another post). But crisis management is not their forte.

Always remember how you treat people because they always will.

And usually Karma wins.

One month after I passed out those T-shirts I had a life- altering heart attack.

And that girl who rejected me is now a midlevel call girl in Tampa. Visit her site and mention my name. I’m sure she’ll charge you double.




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15 Comments on “The 9rules Guide:How Not To Kick Your Girlfriend Out Of The Band”

  1. Scrivs Says:

    Hey Char,

    Let me clarify one thing since everything is out of control and if you noticed I stood on the sidelines observing and soaking it all in. Just because some sites were announced yesterday that doesn’t mean those are all the sites. There are more we need to look at, but having so many sites we couldn’t do everything in a day so please don’t view it as we picked one Network and went after them. They just happened to be first.

    Just thought I would let you know since you usually have a neutral perspective on things.

    Call girl in Tampa? That’s where I live! Hmmmmmmm….

  2. Brian Clark Says:

    Flavor Flav of the blogospere…. oh shit, that’s just too funny.

    David (or Cowboy), you better get over here. For all the nastiness going down lately, that’s the best (good-natured) slam I’ve ever heard.

  3. chartreuse Says:

    Ask her for one of the T-shirts. Her and my cousin went crazy trying to collect them all. And I didn’t know you live in Tampa also…maybe we ran into each other at one of the many strip clubs and didn’t even realize it…

  4. Scrivs Says:

    I forgot to talk about how Tyme handled herself yesterday. There were many things happening behind the scenes for the past couple of weeks that if we brought to light everyone would understand our situation and why she responded in the way she did, but we respect the views of our members and try to keep that kind of stuff internal. I know the public doesn’t see that and so you can view Tyme’s comments the way you did, but honestly if it was the ol Scrivs it would’ve been much worse.

    As for strip clubs, I don’t really do them because I like to try on the clothes as opposed to window shopping if you catch my drift.

  5. chartreuse Says:

    I hope she didn’t take my words personally. I just call it like I see it based on the limited knowledge I have. If you’re reading this Tyme, you’re famous! Enjoy the shoes.

  6. Dave Says:

    I have to agree with what Brian said the other day… blog network, or no blog network, this has to be the most entertaining site out there , Cowboy Krug = Flavour Flav, priceless. Char , thats not saying the points are not well made, It is the fact you do it in such a unique way, that makes it so great to read.

  7. […] From Chartreuse, with edits to comply with my commitment to not publicly comment on certain issues and behave myself. I also provide no commentary or statement only to say that it is interesting, but I say the word interesting about 5 million times a day so its really not a view at all but a word I repeat on a regular basis to make a post sound interesting…. you know what I mean: When Paul Scrivens, CEO of (name of company withheld) wrote One Content Network Please, I thought it was brilliant. […]

  8. Andy Merrett Says:

    I’m confused. It doesn’t take much.

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  10. […] BlogMedia is not an uncontroversial owner. In fact, the famed 9rules massacre where Scrivs and company started removing sites began with those sites who were affiliated with BlogMedia. […]

  11. […] The 9rules Guide:How Not To Kick Your Girlfriend Out Of The Band : A personal favorite. It introduced Beyonce, Flava Flav and a really good line about shoes. […]

  12. […] It was a response from an ex-girlfriend. In order to get it you have to first read this post. But why I like it is because when I finally decided to post it I think it really cemented what this site was going to be. Honest and brave. And not pedestrian.]  […]

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