Army Of One to Scott Johnson: Why Do Your Podcasts Sound Like Crap?


If you plan on doing a podcast please keep in mind that quality matters. Inluminent takes Scott Johnson to task for consistently putting out crappy sounding work.

To be fair, I believe Content is King, and crappy presentation can be overcome with killer content usually, but podcasts have come a long way from Dave and Adam’s first Skype based chats of a year ago, and I expect more from my podcasts.

If you’re producing a podcast, realize you’re competing with NPR, ABC, and other really great professionally produced podcasts. You’re also competing with lots of really great non-professional podcasts like BabyTime, which comes off as being pretty professional…

He then goes on to give a list of tips, specifically for Scott but should be taken by those producing podcast content in general. Check it out. 

The issue of quality podcasting is also a topic here, at The Conversation. BTW Conversation people, I like the topics but you really need to update more…

(No matter how far down the media chain you think you are people are watching. And listening. And reacting. Scott enjoy the shoes.)

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4 Comments on “Army Of One to Scott Johnson: Why Do Your Podcasts Sound Like Crap?”

  1. nice range of links to check out, thanks Chartreuse.

    I’m seriously looking at turning HOV into some sort of podcast show later in the year – but I don’t want to put out a shoddy product so learning quality production is high on my agenda.

    The tips from Inluminent just about sum it all.

  2. electrica Says:

    content is NOT king and never was. user perception is king.

    BJ Fogg at Stanford Persuasive Tech Lab has stated that his studies show that if the immediate visual impression of a web site repulses or confuses or disappoints, users will flee quickly.

    Content is NOT king, because users will not even arrive at the content if the delivery system, design, navigation, and credibility characteristics are all screwed up.

    Same goes for podcasts. so I am agreeing with your main thruster.

    If the sound quality sucks, no one gives a rat’s ass how good the content is, unless it be “How to Make 50 Billion Dollars in Less Than 8 Seconds By Doing Nothing At All”.


  3. electrica Says:

    Doggone it my shadow face peeled right off and dipped down into the decried dispancies…you are a genius

    ,,,and you make me sound like I have rotting galactic entrails in my mouth.

    I am going to post about this post in a post that i shall post very post haste at the postable post disaster A Jack of All Blogs.

    Love this now: YOU are the smartest one in all this. Quit quoting others. I sit enthralled at YOUR thought.

    Benign Genius…..You!

  4. chartreuse Says:

    i couldn’t have said it better myself…(o.k., I could have. I would have included something about rap music and a sexy chick…) 🙂

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