Lessons From The Cult Of Starbucks


Starbucks gets it.

Not because they are moving their content division to L.A. in order to be closer to Hollywood. (Yes,they actually have a content division.)

It’s because of this quote from it’s Howard Shultz, their global stratagist:




“…We are not investing in a movie and we are not getting into the movie business in a traditional way. What we are doing is leveraging our vast retail store footprint and the cultural relevancy of the Starbucks brand to bring film to the public in a new way during the time when the film industry has been challenged…”

Starbucks can get into the movie business and the music business and whatever other business it wants because it has built a religion.

Building a culture means (yes, Starbucks has someone in charge of culture):  

Hits are irrelevant.  

Fan devotion is what counts.  

And with this devotion comes a willingness to buy EVERYTHING you have for sale.  

Are you building a culture? A Religion? A Cult?

Or are you just blogging…


{And thanks to William Mead of the Seeking Alpha blog network.]

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8 Comments on “Lessons From The Cult Of Starbucks”

  1. RT Says:

    very true, I was in Santa Monica last weekend and I saw their “Hear Music” Store on 3rd street. People can sample many new and established artists while sipping on starbucks.

  2. Andy Hagans Says:

    I’m just blogging.

  3. chartreuse Says:

    Andy, don’t lie.
    We all know you have foriegners who do that for you… 🙂

  4. RT Says:

    I think he outsources his blogs to India

  5. […] Because of that Starbucks is able to successfully sell music, movies and practically anything else they want. […]

  6. We would like to see all coffee drinkers look for our book EfficientLove to be sold as gifts on the shelves in local Starbucks starting around Thanksgiving thru the Christmas Holiday Season ! Spread the gift of warm that feeling of a great coffee drink and the feeling of being loved. Spread all of this with holiday cheer !

  7. Starbucks has been great to all it’s customer’s and given local artist a break thru to the public with succesfully selling , music and movies and anything else thru this unique forum they give budding artist an outlet that opens many doors . Thank you STARBUCKS !!!!

  8. vinylart Says:

    I wish he’d read my letter…

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