Something I Wish I Said About Blog Networks

 A smart girl I don’t know said:

First of all, blogs are not the point. Blogs are but one currently popular form of conversational media  — communication channels that make conversation and connection as visible and powerful as they deserve to be. Blogs are not the only fast-growing form of conversational media. Forums, wikis, e-mail lists, “social software,” etc. are all increasing in popularity, too.


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3 Comments on “Something I Wish I Said About Blog Networks”

  1. Hell Boy Says:

    hhhmmm what a idean 😆

  2. Amy Gahran Says:

    Um, “a smart girl I don’t know?”

    Well, you had the link, so you could easily find my name. So I’m a little puzzled why you just called me a “girl” and didn’t use my name.

    Thanks for mentioning my work, and for calling me smart. Not bad for a boy.

    – Amy Gahran

  3. chartreuse Says:

    Welcome to chartreuse (beta).

    When I said I didn’t know you it’s because I had never visited your site before or heard of you.

    I could have posted your name but I run a pretty relaxed ship over here. I believe that the fun (in everything) is in discovery. I am sure that the few readers I have clicked over to your site, not because you said something smart but to find out who was it that said something smart. If I would have included your name there would have been nothing for them to do but read the quote and move on. By not saying who you are (except that you’re a smart girl) attracts interest to the link and have folks visit your site. Despite the drunken atmosphere I really do know what I am doing…

    You’re welcome to stay. (If you read through some of the older posts you’ll see I like smart girls.) And I hope you are not offended because I called you a girl. I wanted to call you a hot chick with glasses but we don’t know each other. 🙂

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