The Duncan Riley Farewell Tour

So this is how it ends.

Duncan RileyBlogosphere Hall Of Fame candidate (oh, they’ll be one!) gives his farewell speech thanking everyone from Christian Churmlish of Radio Free Blogistan to Darren Rowse. (God nor Jesus were mentioned but we’ll assume they’re still basking in the glow of being mentioned several times at the Source Awards.)

If that goodbye wasn’t enough, John Evans of Syntagma Media snagged Duncan with a great interview. In it Duncan talks about his future plans which include everything from books to his continued work at b5media.

I am glad that Duncan is not really going away. Blogs and Blog Networks need our own ‘heroes’.

Folks who we never heard of before who planted their flag in the internet sandlot and built something substantial.

Few things are cooler than that. 

Here’s how Duncan concluded his last Blog Herald post:


I hope you’ll give the new owners your full support. If you want to catch up though you’ll can find me a, b5media and Weblog Empire. I’ll be covering a wider range of topics on my personal blog, and maybe even the tinniest little bit of blogging news as well (but not to compete in anyway with The Blog Herald itself).

So, so long and thanks for all the fish, and I’ll see you all on the other side of the galaxy at some time in the future.



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