Are Good Writers Destroying Your Blog Network?


It’s possible that your writers are hindering your network.

 Especially your good writers.

The trick in creating a real network is keeping people inside your walls.

Denton does it by creating an attitude.

Calancis did it by creating so many sites you couldn’t get out.

If you have a good writer for one of your properties that is what the reader is investing in.  They are not really investing in the network.

So how do you keep good writers that your audience can invest in but still keep folks inside your network?

9rules does this by having everybody in there network pass some sort of quality test. Actually this is a good idea. Kinda.

Your brand has to mean something.

That’s the key. When you go home and open up a beer and turn on FOX you know that what you are gonna get.

Cutting-edge (for network TV ) entertainment aimed at young people. You expect limits to be pushed.

That’s also why the FoxNews channel grew so fast. People know that no matter what is on the network it follows a certain political bias. They may love or hate that bias. But they know what it is. So do the advertisers.

So you gotta stand for something. Or you stand for nothing. 

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2 Comments on “Are Good Writers Destroying Your Blog Network?”

  1. Liz Strauss Says:

    What if a network stand for good writers?

  2. chartreuse Says:

    if good writers is your brand then you BETTER have good writers!

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