How Not To Get Your Name Mentioned on Chartreuse (beta)


So I’m reading this free Link Bait Report and find a link to my site.

How cool is that?

Very cool if you are me. Of course the name of my site wasn’t mentioned but I can deal with that.

I just won’t mention his name either.

(The report is informative, entertaining and covers everything you need to know about how to get links. It gets my endorsement…but it doesn’t get it’s name on my site. How’s that for a viral marketing lesson!)


Just kidding. Brian Clark has put together a nice free resource for bloggers. If you read his site everyday, like I do, then you know that it’s quality. I read it anyway and learned some things.

It’s an entertaining read with great examples.

Where else will you read about David Krug, 9rules, Elvis and flying turkeys all in the same place?

Check it out. It’s free.



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2 Comments on “How Not To Get Your Name Mentioned on Chartreuse (beta)”

  1. Brian Says:

    You failed to mention David Lee Roth, Sharon Stone, Seth Godin, Andy Hagans, Darren Rowse, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Matt Drudge and Snoop Dogg, but who am I to quibble?

    Thanks man… you’re way too generous! 🙂

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