This Day In Remix

things I was thinking about writing about but realized they were too short for a post…


1938 Media uses video regularly on their posts. (yeah!) But since they use apple quicktime I have to wait for it to load. (awww!)

suggestion: Add a logo to the clips. Upload it to YouTube. The quality will suffer (awww!) But folks can share the clips with others. (yeah!)




9rules gave away a little of their business plan last week. The “Good Housekeeping” Network?

It might be about time to add phone text alerts to your network. Here’s one way. And another. And more.

Here’s some good ideas from Scott Karp and Umair. Think Remix.

The BlogMedia will destroy The Blog Herald Countdown Clock does not seem to be functioning. (Though a link to Chartreuse(Beta) would be nice…)

Nick Wilson is right. 

The Technorati hates Chartreuse Clock is at 14 Days.

Later this week I’ll be writing about Martha Wash, Stealing Content and authenticity.

p.s. — I talked about this girls site before. Numbers are up. Advertisers are flocking to her. She get’s it. And she’s in no one’s network….(what are some of you thinking…)









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2 Comments on “This Day In Remix”

  1. Loren Says:


    Thanks for the nice mention. I agree about youtube. Just hate the quality and takes forever to load. You are right though, maybe we run it in qt then archive in Youtube? We are very bullish on video and are in the process of working out the kinks. Thank you for the encouragement, would love to chat offline. get me at

  2. chartreuse Says:

    No problem on the mention. I’m supposed to write about you guys! I’ll hit you up when I get some time or feel free to drop me an email. The contact info is somewhere on the site 🙂

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