I really don’t like this stuff but it came from a cool person.

So get ready to learn some more about me (as if you already don’t know enough!):

Four Jobs I’ve Had:

Video Technician

A&R rep.

Music Promoter

Radio Station Program Director

four places I’ve gone on vacation



Las Vegas

Vallejo, California

four movies I can watch over and over

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind  

fight club

do the right thing

the godfather 2

Four TV shows I love to watch

I don’t watch TV

Four books I read I really love

A Prayer For Owen Meany

The 3rd Wave


Nuclear War: What’s In It For You

Four websites I visit daily

blog network watch



my yahoo (for feeds)

Four places I’d rather be

with Angelina Jolie

with my daughter

in love

in New Orleans

four favorite dishes

shrimp anything

lasagna made by my 2nd wife

mom’s red beans and rice

day old 7up Cake


That’s it.




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6 Comments on “Tagged”

  1. Liz Strauss Says:

    You’re something. I hate these things too.

    I’m speechless. There are people who’d pay to see that.

    What’s day old 7-up Cake anyway?

    I think you’re pretty cool, too.


  2. chartreuse Says:

    Day old 7up cake is …7up Cake that has been sitting for one day. I don’t know the recipe but I’m sure it’s online. I get it from my mom about twice a year when the urge hits.

    when you say There are people who’d pay to see that. I assume you mean Cuba. My second wife and I spent 2 weeks there on a National Geographic Tour in December 2001. It was cool. Glad I got to see it before Castro dies and I’m glad Tory was brave enough to leave the tour with me and go out on our own. (What was NG going to do, send us back?!?)

    We met and hung out with some wonderful people.

    The people who go on those trips (because they are expensive!) are interesting as well. I met a guy who didn’t have to work because his family owned a toll bridge! Only in America.

  3. Dave Says:

    Liz, you beat me to it, I am now on a mission to find day old 7up cake, Now I have had chicken in cola, bit this a new soda dish that is new to me 😉

  4. candice Says:

    Is 7up cake a new orleans thing? I grew up with it here, too.

    Sorry that you had to miss Mardi Gras, it was really fantastic this year.

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