Another Sleepness Night For Mike Rundle: 9rules For Teens


17-year-old senior in high school has just launched Random Shapes. As he explains it:

…Kinda like 9rules but only teen bloggers…

Like all teenagers they are rallying against ‘the man’ (that would be any adult) and they have a mission:

Our mission is to change the way adults view teens on the web. Not all teens have been infected by the myspace disease and we’re here to prove it. You’ll be suprised what teens have to offer once you take the time to listen.

I remember being a teenager.

It sucked.

Of course adults don’t respect you because all you do is suck up their money and make people like Jessica Simpson famous. (just kidding…kinda).

I’m actually looking forward to reading what the kids have to say. In fact I think everyone should be reading what the kids have to say.

Here’s my favorite post so far on the network. It’s from Angelique’s Raining Noodles Blog:

Dear [The Ex],

Hey. Remember me? I’m Angelique. I used to be your girlfriend.


It hurts me to assume that the reason why you’re reading this is either because someone else told you about it, because you were bored, or because you finally realised that my blog — which you incidentally read every once in a fucking uncommon while — says too much you never cared to find out.

But, you see, I think you took the ‘low maintenance’ idea a little too far when I didn’t see you for months and didn’t even contact you for like fucking WEEKS. If you date again I suggest you date someone who lacks enough self-respect to kick you in the groin for treating her this way.

Oh yeah, I forgot, that was me, wasn’t it?…

That’s good content. 

meme over at Spoke-Media can rest easy knowing this girl is around. She seems like a great candidate for Girlspoke when she turns 20 and gets kicked out of Random Shapes.

It should be fun to watch how this network grows.



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12 Comments on “Another Sleepness Night For Mike Rundle: 9rules For Teens”

  1. Matt Jones Says:

    Wow! Thanks for the comments and linkage!

  2. chartreuse Says:

    This blog is all about blog networks. Most people here run networks and I’m sure they’ll help you out and give you tips. 🙂

  3. Zeerus Says:

    As Matt said, thanks for the linkage. I looked over this blog earlier today, and there’s some pretty good content here. I am also a member of the network, but unfortunately Textpattern won’t attach a date to my posts so they get pushed to the bottom of the feed, and therefore are never displayed at the top of the list, what a shame…

    some colophon: we’ve been working on the network for less than a month actually. The design was created by myself, and then coded by Matt, with some minor changes. the logo was created by another member, Glen, and the site is powered by WordPress.

    do you know of any ways to aggregate all of the posts to the front page in an easy to update and monitor method? we’re currently looking for a nice solution to that problem.

  4. chartreuse Says:

    dude, i just figured out how to put my blogroll into catagories.

    i am not a tech guy.

    but a lot of folks are and I’m sure one of them will help you, right guys?

    and yeah, the content is tight.

    (i bet the regular readers didn’t know I knew how to speak teen) 🙂

    And zeerus, don’t be offended, i gotta entertain my troops or they won’t come back…

  5. Elyse Says:

    We really appreciate the link, even if this is all about networks. Thanks for taking the time to honestly check us out…it’s noticed and appreciated.

  6. Glen C. Says:

    Thanks for the plug. I just hope no one reads my website because I blog about the most stupid shit :/. i’m putting the network to shame, heh. And thanks for overcoming the myspace stereotype and giving us a chance.

  7. Angelique Says:

    Hey there!

    It took me a couple of months to gather the courage to publish that post about my ex, actually. =/

    Thanks for the plug to Random Shapes and my blog, as well as for the kind words. (:

  8. Congrats guys. Really great.

  9. […] Then it launched, gaining some mixed reviews. I was approached again about joining, but I was still pretty skeptical. With a redesign on it’s way for the CSS Reboot and some new articles in the making, I really didn’t want to give myself a reputation of a “pipsqueaking Myspacer” before I even had a chance to launch them. […]

  10. […] A couple of weeks ago,Chartreuse blogged about a new teen blog network called Random Shapes. I posted a comment on the site when they launched giving them my best wishes, saying that I would be following their progress and so far things seem to be going well. […]

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