Authenticity Reloaded

The Sex Pistols were invited to be inducted this year into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame.

They left an official response on their website. 

A copy is below.


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6 Comments on “Authenticity Reloaded”

  1. today I added that John Lydon site to my New Reformed Insane Blog Media Network.

    Have you started laughing at, or with, us yet?

  2. Everyone knows the Velvet Underground, Sex Pistols, Ramones, Adverts, Severed Heads, Homosexuals, Television, Pavement, Sonic Youth, and Camouflage Danse…were the ONLY punk bands that ever existed.

    Only one band was true, pure Post Punk: PiL

    Green Day, Offspring, Rolling Stones, REM, U2, Nirvana…pukes with no purpose.

  3. chartreuse Says:

    I like U2 and Green Day. The rest are lame.
    I almost said to go easy on the dead guy (kurt cobain) but that would mean you would also have to go easy on the Rolling Stones…

  4. electrica Says:

    I will allow you to like, but only slightly nightly, U2 and Green Day.

    Kurt Cobain, Tone Stemple Privates, Horseradish Jam, and the entire Seattle coffee bar scene bands were a huge step backwards for rock music.

    “I ripped my pants, slightly, in the knees, and I have donned a plaid shirt. My music is typical 70s Bloodrock music. I am a Grunge Musician, and soon I will try heroin and blow my brains out with a farmer’s shotgun. Idolize me, since ‘everybody’s gay’.”

    Phew. Kurt Cobain was almost as boring and worthless as Mick Jagger post 1968.

    U2 at least have spiritual pretensions and care, in front of cameras, for the poor africans. Liberate the Sudan, I say. But let’s get back to Pavement, please? They’re not dead, are they?

    I emailed Scott at Army of One about changing their email addy to a non-spambot harvestable configuration. Scott said thin Q in a most charming, choir boy manner.


  5. electrica Says:

    Here’s a trivial fact to put in the Punk Hall of Fame: when John Lydon nee Rotten was asked what he thought about Kurt Cobain hurting himself so bad he died (my new phrase for ‘”sucide'”), Johnny replied: “F*ck Kurt Cobain.”

    I like that. A lot.

  6. electrica Says:

    …sorry but you got me going here.

    When malcolm mclaren “discovered” Jonathon Lydon, he was wearing a Pink Floyd tee shirt with “I hate” scribbled above the band name, in effect turning the fan garment into a “I hate…PINK FLOYD” tee. Hee. Hee. I ain’t no girl…

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