How to hate blogs, youtube and still own a successful blog network: A 2 Question Interview with Loren Feldman

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Loren Feldman is the owner of 1938 Media. 1938 Media is a marketing and design company but they also have a diverse group of websites. I would like to call it a blog network but Loren doesn’t like that term. He just happens to run 13 websites.

What got me interested in 1938 Media was the fact that I saw a lot of video on their site. (and everyone knows how I love video!) So instead of writing another post about my miserable past I decided to briefly talk with Loren about the future…

What do you expect will be your network’s biggest challenge in the next 6 months?

Getting more traffic and making the transition to video. I don’t really like youtube, can’t get it on an ipod, tv or anywhere else for that matter. We are going into video in a big way on all our sites.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the blog network industry?

I don’t believe there is a blog network industry. I hate the word blog, sounds like vomit to me for some reason. I believe there are people who own more than one website. Period. The challenges are the same for any other website owner. Quality of the site and traffic.

Keep your eyes on this network.

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3 Comments on “How to hate blogs, youtube and still own a successful blog network: A 2 Question Interview with Loren Feldman”

  1. vampire feet Says:

    I know you like video Char but I think you are missing something praising these sites. They have no real personality to speak of that I could find. I looked at a Howard Stern video but that was it.

    The future has to be better than this.

  2. chartreuse Says:


    Few networks are incorporating video at all. It’s new. He’ll get it right. He’ll have to.

  3. We are just getting started.

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