My Parent’s Guide To All This New Media Stuff


So I was telling my mom about this site (via email) and she wrote me back a question a tad bit disturbing. Especially since she on the internet everyday.

‘What’s A Blog?’

So for my Mom and Dad (I already answered the blog question) here’s a layman’s explanation to all the new media stuff going on.


Dear Mom and Dad, 

Here on the internet you’ll see a lot of talk about Web 2.0, Social Networking, microchunking and stuff like that.

Here’s the only word, though, you really have to know to get it.


Thanks to the internet everything has flipped.

The decisions that used to be made in the boardroom are now being made on the street.

And the decisions that used to be made in the street are now happening in the boardroom.

It used to be you went to a doctor to figure out what was wrong with you. Now you look up your symptoms on the internet, see what the latest treatment is and go to the doctor to facilitate it.

That’s Upside-Down.

And the new upside down universe is affecting everyone, not just doctors. The new upside-down universe is now creeping into the media world.

Upside down means that the power has shifted from the top of the pyramid to the bottom. That also usually means that power has shifted from companies who make stuff to the people who buy stuff.


To make a song good enough to be played on the radio, up until a few years ago, you had to buy recording time in a big expensive recording studio.

Now you just have to download a few programs (for free if you have to) to your computer for the same effect.

It used to be that if you wanted people to hear the song you made you had to get signed to a record company and pay music promoters to convince radio stations to play it.

Now you just put it on the internet and have people download it to their own computers.

All those middlemen (recording studio owners, record companies, record promoters, broadcast radio stations) are now all finding themselves being pushed out of the game.

Now I used the music business as an example first because they were the first to experience the dizzyness of their industry being turned upside-down.

They were the first, thanks in part to Napster, to experience a powershift. They saw power shift from record companies to artists.

Now the same thing is happening to tv.


YouTube has been called the Napster of Television. And in someways it is.

You can go to the site. Type in a subject. And loads of video ( from the bottom of the pyramid, i.e. put there by regular people) show up for you to watch for free.

But that’s just part of the story.


Because of the technology being so cheap, people are creating their own shows and finding their own audiences for them.

Examples of this include 88SLIDE. It’s a daily one minute info-challenge format (read: game show), distributed via the Internet at, and through iTunes as a video podcast. Cell phone users can also download the 3GP formatted series.

Now that game show series has nothing to do with the major media players. ABC,NBC, Fox, etc. can’t stop it.

The hold they had on the distribution of content is dying.

These new shows, and the threat of more being created, are causing the big media companies to act.

They all have different strategies but they all also have the same goal. To have access to a large audience so they can sell that audience to advertisers.

Fox has bought the social network MySpace.

Now a social network is just what it sounds like. A group of people hanging out in one place on the internet.

MySpace is where the kids hang out.

What makes it Upside-Down is the fact that the kids actually create the content that the other kids see.

Now Fox is hoping that it can find a way to sell advertising on MySpace because a lot of people hang out there. (It won’t work. But that’s a story for another day.)

So everything involved in media is in a bit of chaos. Nobody knows how exactly it’s going to end up. There are a lot of ideas floating around.

And everybody has an opinion. Even me.

So that’s what I do here. I talk about the upside-down universe and how to profit from the chaos.

Hope I explained that o.k.

Tell everyone I said hello. And Send Money.



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3 Comments on “My Parent’s Guide To All This New Media Stuff”

  1. terryC Says:

    I think you did an o.k. explanation. I don’t know about web 2.0? I think you didn’t explain that at all.

  2. michael Says:

    I think you explained Web 2.0 just fine. It is hard to explain technology wrapped around an enigma. I am not sure there are many business plans to go in-between.

  3. […] Chartruese hit the nail on the head the other day with two words, so for the benefit of the MSM crowd, here they are: UPSIDE DOWN. The entire post is here, but I will quote from it too. Upside down means that the power has shifted from the top of the pyramid to the bottom. That also usually means that power has shifted from companies who make stuff to the people who buy stuff […]

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