Heroin Addiction, BlogMedia and The Art Of The Comeback In Internet Time

One of my favorite songs of all-time is “Strawberry” by the used-to-be-famous band “Everclear“.

The song is about a heroin addict’s struggle to stay clean.

For some reason that song was in my head this morning as I thought about the latest news from BlogMedia.

Things were looking pretty bleak for BlogMedia earlier this year.


The company’s walking logo Cowboy/JOAB started the year with a gutwrenching apology/suicide note aimed at deflecting the unwanted but not unwarrented hate mail flooding his emailboxes due to his now legendary tirades.

As 9rules announced it’s partnership in the sex trade BlogMedia was caught a step behind, quickly registering a name for it’s own sex network.

“Just an idea.” they said.

No matter.

They looked a step behind.

Struggling to catch up with where the industry was heading.

While still trying to get their bearings blog superstar Liz Strauss decided to leave for the calming waters of B5media.

The BlogMedia crew kept a smiling public face but it was obviously a bitter pill to swallow.

And then the coup de grace.

Blogging’s own Jay-Z and Beyonce issued a decree from the orgy know as 9rules banishing all sites associated in any form with BlogMedia. Other sites were banished as well after a hue and cry from the prolitariate but word was clear from Scriv’s now famous “Ride or Die” speech: “…there have been other issues that we have had to deal with concerning our brand and image

And the major issue was being even remotely associated ‘with the mess formely known as BlogMedia’.

To those on the outside looking in it seemed as if BlogMedia was going to fade away. Cowboy/Flava Fav was soon to be a Trivia Pursuit Blog Edition question.

But then something happened.

Maybe Matt Craven’s wife turned down Tracy Chapman long enough enough to hit her husband in the head.

Maybe the chicks at Spoke Media started ignoring Cowboy.

Maybe it was the plain adrinaline rush some people get with others start counting them out.

No matter what it was, something shook the cobwebs off of the BlogMedia crew.

First came the ‘soft launch’ of Problogging. A quiet attack at Andy Hagan’s playpen Performancing and Darren Rouse’s Problogger empire.

Problogging can be described as ‘stark’. But underneath you see the earmarkings of potential to dominate all aspects of the blogging market.

Then came the Blog Herald purchase.

Surprisingly fast, BlogMedia became a player again.

Not just a bunch of blogs under the same name but a network with ownership of arguably ‘the’ brand name in blogging.

At the same time this was going on another transformation has been taking place. Cowboy/Flava Flav stopped dancing and shooting at his own feet and is slowly changing into actual businessman.

He was intricate to the Blog Herald purchase and has been doing time in New York making deals and conducting interviews for Blog Herald with folks who really matter.

You hardly know he’s around.

Then late last week Random Shapes was formed. A teen network admittedly designed after the 9rules model.

Before Scrivs even had time to accept the compliment Matt and Blog Media had snatch rising blog superstar Angelique and the rest of the talent youths of Random Shapes and locked them into an agreement.

BlogMedia turns from pariah to prince in internet time. 

Leading instead of following.

Acting instead of reacting.

Like the Everclear uplifting piece of pop perfection, BlogMedia and Matt Craven has taken their strawberry burns and turned it into something good to watch.

Don’t fall down now.

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15 Comments on “Heroin Addiction, BlogMedia and The Art Of The Comeback In Internet Time”

  1. Robert Bruce Says:

    This has the compelling ring of a National Geographic documentary about survival in the Serengeti…

    “…and even as the blood of the antelope drips red from the lioness’ jaws, we hear the squealing and horrific laughter of the hyena pack slowly approaching… circling… waiting….”

  2. Vampire Feet Says:

    Even when the story is as pointless as what\’s going on at Blog Media you still manage to make it interesting, Char. Heroin Addiction, obscure song by one hit wonder band, Jay-Z and Beyonce, orgys, and a network of teens. You really push the envelope! Keep it up!

  3. Brian Says:

    No Jesus and Mary Chain reference? 🙂

  4. Mike Rundle Says:

    Great post Char, you seriously make all this blog network stuff sound interesting. I\’m extremely pleased to see other companies in the Network game moving forward because it definitely keeps us on our toes 😉 Time to redesign!

  5. Matt Says:

    I\’m traveling today so don\’t have time to comment on this like I would really like to, other than to make one simple point. There\’s alot of focus on the muckraking that David does – and everyone gets up and arms – and predicts our downfall. And that\’s highly entertaining to all of us, since we\’re plugging along in the background enjoyhing our 30-40% monthly traffic increases (with corresponding rise in revenue), making new partnerships, scheming designs and new site ideas, and so on.

    But that\’s ok, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.


  6. chartreuse Says:

    No Jesus and Mary Chain reference?
    I think I exceeded in my quota of references for one post.

    Glad you enjoyed the piece but calling one of my favorite bands one hit wonders doesn\’t get you cool points. 🙂 And you\’re right. I have to be careful since youngsters now read this site.

    Glad you 9rules guys have a sense of humor (well some of you, at least). I have not yet figured out exactly who you should be in this saga. I was thinking about Lyor Cohen but that\’s too obscure for my crowd (I think). Maybe Rick Rubin?

    I actually thought the post was complimentary of all of you guys. I\’m as bad as anyone else making more noise about the bad rather than the good. But I gotta crank something out everyday and telling the story like an epic struggle rather than a HBR case study is just a bit more interesting to me. David makes good copy. And no one thinks you now have him sedated. Really.

  7. No offense to the BlogMedia folk, but “comeback” might be a bit harsh since they never really had a chance to “rise” before their crises started. I’m sure they’ll pick up the pace (30-40% monthly growth in traffic isn’t bad, after all) and do some good things. It’s a big industry, and as long as we keep growing it instead of competing it should be an exciting year.

  8. Matt Jones Says:

    Wow. You really know how to make me feel good. Ya know that? Thanks again for the kind words!

  9. Angelique Says:

    Hi future ex-husband,

    I feel obliged to comment every time you post something positive about RandomShapes! Anyway, I like the way you made such dull news sound like, well, new news.

    -future ex-wife

  10. Matt Says:

    Jeremy writes:

    No offense to the BlogMedia folk, but “comeback” might be a bit harsh since they never really had a chance to “rise” before their crises started.

    Regardless of what others may think, I’ve yet to experience a crisis at BlogMedia, Inc.

    Remember – what happens in the blogosphere and the things we all seem to get heated over, really have no impact on our individual overall businesses.

    ~ Matt

  11. Liz Strauss Says:

    Hey there!
    You do have a way with words . . . I knew it was the right thing to do, making you the President of my Fan Club, the $$$$ is in the paypal account.

    Great story. Nice to see all of the facts laid out in order and to get the latest new. Sounds like this Random Shapes move is a good one. BlogMedia has some great talent. They’re going places. Congratulations to Matt and David!

    Congratulations, Chartruese on the little tidbits that added interest all the way through. And thanks.

  12. Martin Says:

    Nice overview, Chartreuse – although I’m a little with Jeremy here: “comeback” is stretching it – they’ve only just begun.

    What I’m really interested in with BlogMedia – from a journalistic perspective – is how they tackle Blog Herald. There’s lots of potentials there, imo.

    Matt – maybe not crises, but your team did put a lot of people offside, especially David and the many vile posts/comments/attacks etc. Your erati blog network seems to be diminishing – personally I think that’s a good thing: you seem to be focusing on gathering up a loose group of meta blogging-related sites which you can quickly own as your niche – hence your spot on name: BlogMedia.

    Rather than “comeback” maybe it should be the best “turnaround” of 2006 – keep it up Matt

  13. I like turnaround. Seems like we’re seeing real direction from BlogMedia, which can only be a good thing 🙂

  14. Brian Says:

    OK, Char, maybe no JAMC, but you blew it without LL Cool J:

    “Don’t call it a comeback
    I been here for years
    Rockin my peers and puttin suckas in fear..”

    I’m going to write a book called “Blog Networks and Gangsta Rappers: A Case Study in Modern Business Practices.”

    The key is, who’s Biggie, who’s Tupac, who’s Suge, and who’s P Diddy?

    Stay tuned…

  15. Michael Doig Says:

    If Cowboy is the Flava Flav, then Char you are definitely the Ad Rock. Sampling your way through the blogosphere on your way to making Paul’s Boutique. You sample just the right notes and give just enough spin to call it your own. Thanks for all the fun.

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