The New York Times And The Art Of Getting Free Lapdances


So this morning my brother was the first to find out that this blog was written about in The New York Times.

I’m glad he was the first to find it and tell me about it. That is cool.

In case you don’t want to read the article, Dan Mitchell finds the flaw in my obituary of broadcast tv (that I used a cable show as an example) but also conceded that my premise was right.


Of course the person who should really be thrilled about this NYTimes mention is Paul Scrivens. I’m sure people across the country are saying “Who the hell is that guy?” and finding out about 9rules.

Scrivs, you’re paying for my next lapdance.

Thanks guys (and girls!) for supporting this blog.

And thanks Dan for not making me look too stupid.

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18 Comments on “The New York Times And The Art Of Getting Free Lapdances”

  1. Dave Says:

    Char, congrats man, well done, thats the famous bit sorted, now to get the superstar staus … Now I am just waiting to see how you get the 13 year old white girls, will it involve baby oil and a beach walk ? The New Blog Pin up 😉

  2. I caught the NYT headline hoping they were writing about me. Congrats! I’m also a former TV executive (news), have run my own business for three years and blogged since August. Check out my vlog. Right on!

  3. chartreuse Says:

    Thanks Dave. Yeah, I have to figure out how to get that 13yo white girl effect. (For those reading this who have never visited this site before scroll down the front page to see what the 13yo white girl effect is.)

    Ken, I’m from the music business not TV. I checked out your site. You do great work. Thanks for dropping by.

  4. Dave Says:

    Ken I had posted on your blog re the music /tv but please come back here often, and you will see you don’t need to worry about the cable companies, you are a producer, you hold all the aces now.

  5. Minic Says:

    Char… Scrivs now owe you more than a lapdance. And now, in your future analogies, people would be asking that you include their blogs as well 🙂

  6. RT Says:

    Congrats Char, you earned it

  7. Martin Says:

    Char, you really are a true prince 😉

  8. Andy Hagans Says:

    Congrats man. Despite the hate we give traditional media, there’s nothing like an offline mention to stroke the old ego.


    Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

    Higher alimony!

  10. Liz Strauss Says:

    Way to go, Chartreuse Beta!!That should get you some Pete-Townshend- like blog branding build up to hold you over for a while. I’ll have to call you the NY Times famous Chartreuse whenever you comment on my blog. It only goes to show where quality, original thinking can take you.

    I’m grinning.

  11. […] One of my personal favorite bloggers, Chartreuse (Beta), made The New York Times this week for his post about the death of broadcast media. […]

  12. Cliff Lazar Says:

    For Immediate Release
    Clifford Lazar

    TV Viewers Can Buy Anything from Any Media Using Their DVR

    Television viewers will be able to buy anything from any media, using their DVR’s. Lazar Developments announces the availability of OmniMediaInteractiveTM.The patent pending system facilitates viewer instant response to commercials and product placements in live TV shows, delayed TV shows, DVD’s, shows from the Internet, shows on MovieBeam, VOD or from iPods.
    In addition OmniMediaInteractiveTM lets users get instant response to print ads, stated Clifford Lazar, president of Lazar Developments. “We are looking for strategic partners”, he added.
    “The system also provides more bang for the advertising buck for major advertisers who can be assured of commercial views. Alternatively we can partner with a network and assure they are the power-on channel in every city they cover,” Lazar concluded.
    “Previously Lazar Developments was issued patent 6,477,508 which covered a novel hand-held TV remote that would facilitate instant contact with TV sponsors and assuring one network or a major advertiser with power-on viewers. “We call that one 1,” Lazar said. “Our newest project, OmniMediaInteractiveTM , accomplishes all the benefits of Buy-Remote 1 but uses the infrastructure of DVR’s like TiVo, thus allowing a faster roll-out at lower cost.”


  13. Brian Clark Says:

    Congrats Mr. Campbell!

  14. Robert Bruce Says:

    Interesting on the above press release… he covers all the keywords: television, networks, video, advertiser, VOD, iPod, etc. Talk about targeted!

    Enough of that, what I really wanted to say is… you’re the man.

  15. chartreuse Says:

    Everyone is too kind.
    Now let’s get back to work… 🙂

  16. Vampire Feet Says:


  17. Lapdances!?!

    Only Chartreuse would celebrate getting a New York Times nod with a post entitled, "The New York Times And The Art Of Getting Free Lapdances."  It’s rare that somebody comes along with such a distinctive voice, especially in the technol…

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