Minic talks Moms, Pops and His New Website, The Blogging Times


While doing my weekend surfing I came across an interesting site called The Blogging Times. The author of the site was Minic who’s name I remembered as the founder of the Mom and Pop Network.

Hmmm…I thought, has Minic decided to branch is long arms into blog coverage? Is this positioned as some kind of threat  to Blog Herald? And what in the world has the Mom and Pop Network folks been up to? I know he has some great writers who write about interesting topics. So what’s next?

So I asked.



I have always been fond of reading blogs. I may be considered a lurker when it comes to posting comments, but I am always reading and sharing links with friends when something interesting is out. This is what prompted me to come up with The Blogging Times– a blog that simply points you to what I find while reading blogs.

It is not like The Blog Herald because they are dubbed as the premium source of blog and blogging related news for bloggers. I do not have the resources to go for scoops when it comes to bringing the news, etc. I have high respect for them which is the reason why The Blog Herald in itself is linked in The Blogging Times to serve as one of the premier sources.

What is the difference in reporting? I do not really put any editorial tone to my posts. I simply point links. 

Mom and Pop Blog is still growing and is a learning process for me and all those who are involve. We are set to launch some subject-based blogs soon. 

Thank you Minic. And keep up the good work with The Mom and Pop Network. I still think you’re sitting on a goldmine…Good luck with the Times as well. I spent most of my morning on one of your NCAA links I found there



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One Comment on “Minic talks Moms, Pops and His New Website, The Blogging Times”

  1. stephanie Says:

    I was just watching E Entertainment’s pre-Emmy show and was disgusted when Ryan (Gay) Seacrest said to “Curb Your Enthusiasm’s” producer and his wife, that they did not look like they went to the gym. How rude of that little man (seacrest) to demean a brillant writer and producer, just because he may appear overweight. Because of his comments, I will NEVER watch E Entertainment again!

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