Hip Hop Bloggers Ignore The Rules And Green Pasta


My Dad had quite a few rules for us growing up.

One was no more than two green things served at any meal.

This was put in effect after my Mom served a delicious, but sight numbing meal of Chef Salad, Green Beans and Baked Spinach Pasta (with lime jello for dessert).

Another rule was that family members don’t criticize others in public. This one was put in effect after a street football game which ended with my brother and I screaming at each other over a controversial touchdown pass. (He was out of bounds!)

Obviously not everyone grew up with the same lessons. That is especially evident in the blog community in general and the Hip Hop Blog community in particular.

In case you have no idea, the hip hop community has a vibrant blogosphere presence. They argue about everything. From who has better rappers to KRS-ONE’s Stanford outbursts.

Another controversy which just ended concerned XXL Magazine and it’s decision to add bloggers to the online version of it’s magazine.

(I could tip Matt over at the Blog Herald this story but I dig the music stuff.)

Here’s the deal.

XXL (A Hip Hop Magazine) decided that it wanted to have bloggers as columnists.

One of the bloggers who got a gig was Tara (T-Love) Henley. She happens to be from Canada but nobody was holding that against her.

What did upset people was the fact that a couple of her pieces written for other outlets appeared recently with positive comments about XXL magazine, Editor-In-Chief Elliott Wilson and XXL blogger Byron Crawford. (For the record, Byron is a Superstar Blogger in my eyes. Killer Content.)

Because neither her initial post at XXL nor her announcement on her own blog addressed what would normally be considered a conflict of interest it appeared shady to some folks.

She had to quickly come forward and quell the controversy.

Speaking of Green Jello, you should all check out the blog of Cassie.

She’s top 10 on MySpace with 1.8 million profile views. Tommy Mottola is her manager, and Bad Boy/Warner just signed her. And she’s blogging about her adventures in the music biz.

Interesting stuff.

But my favorite hip hop blog is Ryan Leslie’s daily videoblog.

One of the cool things about artists getting into blogging is the fact that they add creativity to the entire blogging scene.

Ryan gets it. (He convinced Cassie to do her blog)

You get to see him writing music for people like Snoop and giving tips to young producers on how to make beats.

It’s a must read.

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6 Comments on “Hip Hop Bloggers Ignore The Rules And Green Pasta”

  1. Clyde Smnith Says:

    Hi. Just thought I’d respond to what seem to be critical comments. Guess we’re not in the same fam!

    The reality is that no single “hip hop community” exists and even hip hop bloggers have a variety of networks which only sometimes overlap.

    Though my family taught me to be exceedingly polite, fortunately, I left that behind so I feel free to speak about issues such as journalistic integrity even when they involve nice bloggers likeTara.

    I did contact Blog Herald but they haven’t responded and they no longer have an obvious email or way to send news. Maybe the new management isn’t so interested in unsolicited contributions.

    Anyway, take care.

  2. Clyde Smith Says:

    Thought I’d correct the spelling of my name and respond to the issue of criticizing family members in public more generally. You know, that’s why so many abusive relationships are covered up, at home, in the workplace and in social organizations. Think about it.

  3. chartreuse Says:

    Matt over at the Blog Herald is really a cool guy.

    Try tips [at] blogmedia.biz

  4. Clyde Smith Says:

    Thanks, I appreciate it.


  5. Matt Says:

    Thanks for the props…

    that’s the address tips @ blogmedia.biz

    I make no promises about publishing anything though.


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