The Art Of The Sellout (or How To Make Money With Your Blog)

So I’m standing behind my bar talking to this literate, kinda hot, chick and I mention that I have this blog. One of the first questions she asked was, “Do you sell ads?”

This, my friends, is the age of the sellout.

Missy Elliot in Gap commercials.

Companies buying ad space in songs.

People selling space on their foreheads.

We have sold our souls to corporate and wanna be corporate America in droves.

Great…I think.

Many in the blog world are jumping on the sellout train. Trying to get a few dollars before Microsoft owns the whole thing. Google ads, blogads, banners, Gawker, Drudge. The list of ways and people trying to make a dollar is endless.

Now in order to have ads you need to have an audience and so a small industry to drive traffic to sites has emerged. And even blogs dedicated to that has emerged (with ads from the companies which sell the products.)

I, like others, find the ads exhausting. But obviously I’m out of touch. The ads on Hugh Hewitt are out of control and yet his blog is popular.

You expect ads when you go to sites run by cheap labor republicans but even cool folks like Bitch PhD and Tyler & Alex keep a “tip jar” on their site asking for donations. Bol at ByronCrawford has a deal with XXL so he can blog full time (no homo). (Note To Self: If people are making deals with folks like Bol the bubble is upon us.)

Now this site is pretty popular to me. Considering how sporadic I am writing it I’m lucky anyone reads it. But I have a core of loyal readers who don’t post much but read everything. I don’t know what the attraction is but I dig it.
Now I have ideas to make my site super popular and loved by the search engines and drive a shitload of traffic. But who has the time to find 10 links a day, optimize your titles and mention the word sex in every other post. The cost of me selling out is just too high.

Plus I’ll have to buy a real domain name

Now that doesn’t mean that you’ll never see an ad on this site. The owner of is just as big of a sellout as the rest of you.

I’m just looking for a vest and some room on my forehead.

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14 Comments on “The Art Of The Sellout (or How To Make Money With Your Blog)”

  1. RT Says:

    So many sell-outs, great for people like me, bad for those who write for love. What is that new balance commercial slogan “love or money”. It seems the ones who don’t sell out are the ones being left behind, just an opinion…

    PS, great “comment debate” with Tyme on her site, I knew you wouldn’t let that slide. Regardless, it is pretty easy to seperate your opinions, references, and “paid links” lol, from one another.

  2. chartreuse Says:

    The thing you have to remember about Tyme’s site, and give her credit for, is that she’s a religion to those folks.

    I didn’t find out about it till late in the day. When I did I (of course) raced to defend myself.


    It’s the price of this site getting popular.

    It did also make me think about the ‘ads’ on this site. Right now they are not worth the hassle. I’ll sell space on my forehead. Let folks write about that.

  3. TerryC Says:

    I read the Tyme post and thought it was a personal and petty attack.

    I think it’s amusing that some people seem to think that everyone who gets some success must be squeaky clean. To expect it from someone who mentioned a past which includes people overdosing on sofas and problems with ex-wives is silly.

    She obviously lives only in the online world. I know who Lee Bailey is. He is one of the richest men in America and owns one of the largest radio syndication companies in the world. Thats’s clout. It explains why (partially) why this site became so popular so fast. You know what you are talking about.

    Keep up the good work.

    And that ‘called worse by smarter people’ line was classic.

  4. VampireFeet Says:

    The 9 Rules people don’t like you. They never have. They are serious and you are not.

  5. RT Says:

    The blogging about blogging seems to becoming cut-throat. How does the new guy make NYT and other didn’t? Personally, and not that’s it anyones damn business, but sponsors pay us to mention them, do a video spot about them, or link them and still do it in a non-biased way, we will. “PRODUCT PLACEMENT”.

    She just thinks you are being biased toward certain sites because they allegedly pay you, if coke paid me enough would be on every site and almost every post. This is the real world we live in.

  6. Tyme Says:

    I asked chartreuse a question: does he accept money for product placement. I asked because I wrote that I don’t support sites that do that. I drop them when I come across them. I recommended his site so the argument that I didn’t like the site isn’t valid. Because I recommended his site is why I asked the question. I wanted to know if there was a underlying business relationship with any of the people he links to since he said he accepts that form of advertising on his site. I wanted my readers to see the response because that is what builds trust. Period.

    As far as the NYT thing, chartreuse knows EXACTLY why I was a bit surprised. I don’t like NYT, don’t care about it so it wasn’t a jealousy thing. Like I told my readers – what’s done is done. If I was attacking chartreuse I would have put it in my entry. I didn’t. I wanted an answer to my question. I wanted my readers (who trust me – and I worked hard to build that trust) to see his response. If he’s legit I wanted my readers to see it…since I recommended they read his site.

    The end result, the way he handled himself I think he gained some respect with my readers – who aren’t bloggers they are mainstream. That’s not a bad thing.

    VampireFeet – when did I ever say I didn’t like chartreuse? When did any 9ruler say anything like that?

    And people say I’m touchy…geez.

  7. David Says:

    For a guy who only occasionally comes out of the wood work to say hola and what not and keep my head to the grinder at work I have to say i am amused.

  8. Char, while you might know some of these bloggers as nothing more than corporate sell-outs, it may not always be the case.

    I know of one website publisher that many bloggers might write off as a corporate sell-out. But no where on his websites does he explain that his income went towards paying his wife’s chemotherapy treatments, and medications, until she died only four months ago.

    My wife is on radiation treatments for thyroid cancer, and is still not cleared from it. She also has full kidney failure, and is on dialysis treatments three times each week. The medical bills keep piling up.

    So now, I’m running this website publishing business from home so that I can still work, take care of her needs, and spend plenty of time with her while she is still here. You might say it’s selling out to advertisers. I thank God for a job like this.

  9. chartreuse Says:

    Steve, Like everyone else I’m just waiting for the opportunity to sell out!

    I’m sorry about your wife and I’m going to go (my favorite site of yours) and click on some ads!

    And I’m amused,too.

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  11. Everything is always simple and uneasy. Cluetrain or Gluebrain? That’s the only questionnaire that works around here. We’ll cover all the rugs with cheap perfume. Okay then, so’s what can happen will event itself when it feels like it, or when it has to, and we can be safe once again in happiness. Every time a brand pops up top of mind, your head has a hotel in it.

  12. P.S. As an Ethical Anarchist and Anti-Globalist Tree Hugger, I see ads on my blog as an evolutionary leap into ecommerce, where I want to be, getting paid to be me, and I see the ads themselves and simply clickable decorations that radiate a contagious credibility transference.

  13. welborne Says:

    i try to find something at and take it on your site…thanks

  14. Manny Says:

    I just landed on your blog by way of Technorati after I realized that you had linked to a post I made about Trent Reznor a good while ago!

    I was wondering what comments would you have for me, based on this post you made about selling out, in terms of my blog and how it’s set up to be monetized now.

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