The Full Monty Or “I’m not disappointed dear, I just thought you would be…bigger.”


A week ago today one of my posts was mentioned in The New York Times. I thought it my be informative for my readers to know exactly what I got out of that.

All these numbers are current as of 8am this morning:


(1,945) Number of unique visitors directly from NYT article

(4) The number of Public Relations firms who emailed me offering their services

(35) The number of people who asked me to mention their site/blog/vlog/business on this blog

(12) The number of emails I received from strangers congratulating me but asking for nothing in return


(1) Emails requesting money

(3) Emails from people wanting to interview me


(45) The number of unique visitors from BusinessWeek Online, the first ‘old media’ institution to link to the post

(7) The number of businesses requesting more information about my consulting services


(1) The number of emails I received from Dan Mitchell (author of the NYT article) before it was written.

(3) The number of emails I received from Dan Mitchell after it was written


(1) Number of emails received from someone affiliated with Rocketboom (The subject of the post)


(0) Numbers of emails I received from Dan Abrams, Les Moonves or Paul Scrivens after the NYT mention (also mentioned in the post)

So that should give you an idea of what to expect from a mention in The New York Times.

flower girl

My favorite email though came from an old girlfriend named Rachel. We didn’t date that long (we were both too busy) but it reminded me why I liked her in the first place.


I saw your mention in the NYT over the weekend. After Flava Flav got a TV Show and 3 Six Mafia got an Oscar I knew it was your turn! Call me and I’ll buy you lunch!



Finally some shoes!

[reloaded: Technorati :Rank: 39,080 (128 links from 54 sites) which means that I got 23 more sites which linked to me in the past week. Thank you Tyme for making me look this up. More proof I am not well liked. It seems I need to actually read Brian’s Viral Copy ebook instead of just clicking on my link in it…

This site does sooo much better than my 3tubes site and my newly started AllJolie site. And before anyone asks. No ads of anytype on either. They are experiments. I love YouTube and Jolie and it gives a reason to look at both!]

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18 Comments on “The Full Monty Or “I’m not disappointed dear, I just thought you would be…bigger.””

  1. DavWi Says:

    Thanks for posting that. I find it interesting. Did you really expect more traffic?
    It’s a different audience.

  2. I’ve never received that much from an article. Guess it was just that you rock. I’ve been mentioned and even interviewed in every major paper. Typically it gives zip, nada, zilch. I get more from a link from Scoble or something than I do from old media interviews.

    Congrats though mate 😉

  3. chartreuse Says:

    That’s a lot?!?

    Shows how much I know.

    I was really expecting it to be higher. I guess the reason is because of the subject matter. It wasn’t an interview about me, it was about television. And what’s more mainstream than that!

    And you are right. Links to A-Listers really drive traffic.

  4. Tyme Says:

    I don’t track stats but I could tell mentions in the major publications didn’t do much in my case. TV yes (which surprised me), publication, no.

    In comparison, I wrote something saying Scoble was wrong and I was right…nearly brought the server down. I said something semi-nice about Dave Winer the other day and didn’t bother to open comments because I knew it would get crazy.

    One stat you didn’t mention was how many new links you got from the article. That’s where the gold is.

  5. Brian Says:

    Links? What’s all that about, Tyme? 🙂

    And why are the comments all in bold, Char? Did you forget to close a tag?

  6. chartreuse Says:

    Links. I’ll check on that and reload sometimes before the weekend is up!

    And yeah, I forgot to close a tag. But I couldn’t figure out which one. They need to make this stuff simplier for folks like me…

  7. Lame that Scrivens didn’t contact you. Not very classy at all.

  8. Shoes?

    Just to clarify, I wasn’t the one who emailed you for money.

  9. Tyme Says:

    Thanks chartreuse. I’m curious because Technorati never pulls your stuff for me.

    Brian – guess who finished their review? I have it set to post early Monday morning. 🙂

    Loren – When the article broke Scrivs was in SXSW – sick. So sick he had to go to the hospital while he was there.

    Which is another reason why I am curious about the links. A lot of key people (meaning high traffic sites) who might have mentioned it were at SXSW.

  10. I don’t care if he WAS sick, he’s not sick now. No class.

  11. Mike Rundle Says:

    Damn Loren, talk about classless.

  12. Tyme Says:

    Loren last time I spoke to him he was still coughing up blood.

    Unfortunately, people who didn’t read the article now have to be registered to do so.

    On the unclosed tag…this one isn’t closed: (1) Emails requesting money

  13. I’ve read SXSW posts writen by him. He could have taken 1 second to write. Bottom line. Stop making excuses already. Tyme you are obviously a tool. Mike sorry, it’s bullshit.

  14. chartreuse Says:

    Hey people,
    I’m more concerned that Dan Abrams’ people didn’t contact me. They should be bending over backwards in goodwill to anyone mentioning them. Let’s be real, they have ratings comparable to an internet show. They should be here defending their show! 🙂

    Scrivs is sick. That seems like as good excuse as any to me. And Moonves is now married to Julie Chen which I am sure keeps him quite busy. 🙂

    For the record, I’m just some dude with a blog. None of this is really that serious.

  15. Exactly. What I really want to know is how many emails did you get from women wanting to be your Chartreusette?

  16. chartreuse Says:

    not enough.

    And to my future ex-wife,
    If you were a regular reader of my blog you would know that “fame brings you nothing but more scrutiny and sex with people who wear better quality shoes.” That is what the shoe line referenced.

  17. Brian Says:

    So, I take it you got a nooner? A little afternoon delight?

    You dog.

  18. BL Says:

    very interesting – nice to see some quantifiable results from a mention in the NY Times, besides the bragging rights.

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