The Cool New Stuff (3/20/06)


I am a music junkie so I spend a lot of time listening to Pandora. Well I should say I used to. For the past week I’ve been using TagWorld’s New Music Discovery Engine. A lot of folks like it.

I do, too.

The only problem is that Everclear songs are not in it’s database. Neither are The Pet Shop Boys or Squint.

Um, O.K. Squint I can understand (No hits). But no Everclear?!? No Pet Shop Boys?!? Please get someone older than 29 to put some songs in the database so I can wear my black hat again…please 🙂

Plus, I have to login to TagWorld to use it. Since I have no friends there (not even my own brother!) it kinda depresses me. (In my effort to stay relevent please feel free to visit my page there and make me your friend!)

But other than those minor complaints. I love it.

A new blog network has launched. Level9Media is focused on having a small network of quality sites geared toward a younger, trendy, and educated crowd of people 18-30, college students and alumni, and young business people.

Now if you read the comments of this blog then you know Roy, the leader of Level9. Don’t hold his comments against him 

Starked LA

Starked Las Vegas


Citizen Circus

If the post on Starked highlighting the comments of Mr. William Donohue of the Catholic League is any indication on the type of content to expect, I for one, am looking forward to it. 

9rules has launched 9charities. Good Idea.

Blog Herald has launched Mobile Herald. Another Good Idea. 

It’s a crowded market. It will be interesting to see how they differentiate themselves from the pack. (Chris Pearson, btw, designs beautiful, clean websites.)


And I know I have spent a lot of bandwidth talking about Rocketboom (they linked to my site today!) but there is another very well done video show I watch daily as well. MoBuzz. The host Karina is way cool. If you have never seen it, check it out.



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12 Comments on “The Cool New Stuff (3/20/06)”

  1. No Everclear is a crime. What a band. “Fire Maple Song” makes me weep everytime I hear it.

  2. chartreuse Says:

    Great song by a great band. My friends say that Art wrote only one song and kept putting out different versions of it. I don’t care. It was a very good song.

    Of course some kid is saying the same thing about “My Humps”.

  3. giddy Says:

    The cool new stuff is opened with a giant picture of the Pet Shop Boys. One of the oldest, dated groups in history!
    Chartreuse, you are a riot!

  4. One is all it takes. Art is a poet. A very underrated band. They back together?

  5. chartreuse Says:

    Nah, Art put together a band with some new members. I saw them a few months ago. Same songs but really a different band. I guess that era is over…

  6. Robert Bruce Says:

    It happens when you move to Portland…

  7. Liz Strauss Says:

    New cool stuff indeed it all is. There’s too much new cool stuff to keep with. I’m feeling in a not so new, not so cool rut of doing new cool stuff that isn’t new, because I’m not a new cool kid on the block. (grin)

  8. chartreuse Says:

    Just like small is the new big, old is the new new. The kids are just mixing up old videos our generations made and calling it new. Or taking old stuff we liked such as TV and putting it on new platforms. Nothing really new.

    So if you are feeling old that’s good. It means you’re actually new! (At least that’s what i tell myself…:) )

  9. Roy Tahsin Says:

    Liz, you are not old, Nick Denton is old =) (although I really look up to him in this business). These new media sharks are just try to produce content to reach people they can relate to, which is what I am doing, which is what everyone on here is doing.

    You guys should know it takes your knowledge and expertise to teach the next generation. Hell, if it wasn’t for this site and its friends, I think we would be months, if not years, behind when it comes to new tech and ideas. Thanks for your support.

  10. Chris P. Says:

    Char, thanks a million for the good words!

    I’ve been impressed with your site since you launched, and I’m still intrigued by the idea that conversational subject matter can exist in a state of beta…

    Anyhoo, the mobile marketplace is crowded, but I still think savvy organization of content can allow us to create something that is useful to consumers. Although I can’t say that I speak for the rest of the writers on the site, that’s certainly a direction I’d like to see Mobile Herald go.

    Think of it this way. User ‘X’ wants a bluetooth phone, but dammit if his Cingular store only had one on display. “Aren’t there other models?” he asks himself. Why yes, yes there are. Check out our “Bluetooth” category and see which phones are also tagged “Cingular.” Then go and cry because it’s not available in your market.

    What can I say? The system ain’t perfect 😉

  11. Chris P. Says:

    Oh and the Everclear thing is an egregious oversight. Although I’ve never used TagWorld’s music service, I’m totally boycotting it. Totally. So much for the afterglow.

  12. chartreuse Says:


    You are a pretty powerful guy.

    One mention of a boycott and I received an email from Fred (the CEO of TagWorld) saying that they will be adding 10K CDs to the database this week. I’m sure at least one of them is an Everclear CD.

    So your boycott is over. You can try the service now.

    I love the new upside down media!

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