Daily Remix (3/24)


{things i didn’t have time to blog about…}

How to fail fast and why that is such a good thing [From a cool new (to me!) blog: Bokardo]

Micheal Arrington inadvertantly explains why Edgio can’t get traction in his review of Jigsaw. He doesn’t seem to understand that success these days comes from empowering the bottom not protecting the top

Waayyy cool guy Fred over at AVC posted about his favorite business model… the giving away something useful and then charging for something more useful.

Dan Tudor of Landing The Deal fame, wrote a cool post about why you should stress how small your business is. I wish I would have thought of it first!

pornstar creates a topped rank wine. A car company  has starts a clothing line. And a business book inspires a rap song. Everything is getting mashed.

Google continues it’s downward spiral.

The return of David.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs stream their new album on MySpace (you can’t buy it till the 28th.)

and most importantly LSU upsets Duke!


art by lulub529re2.jpg




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5 Comments on “Daily Remix (3/24)”

  1. Roy Tahsin Says:

    If I knew about the last sentence, I would have run down to the sports book and been very happy today…damn Duke.

    Talk about mash-ups, a porn star and wine….

  2. chartreuse Says:

    That pornstar article is interesting in a lot of ways. I am surprised with myself that I was surprised that a pornstar could be serious about wine. Made me realize that you never can see the whole picture.

    And since I LOVE LSU (actually any Louisiana school!) I was happy about the game. Didn’t bet on it though. I don’t love them that much! 🙂

  3. Liz Strauss Says:

    I want a copy of that business book. But if I had it, then I’d have even less time to read your blog . . . and I’d never give up your blog for some silly book–even if it has a rap song. I’m sure you’d sing to me first. Wouldn’t you?

  4. Brian Says:

    That book is really worth your time, Liz. Read A Whole New Mind by Dan Pink right after The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman. Problem, followed by possible solution.

  5. Roy T Says:

    The world is flat…amazing book.

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